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La inversión en una franquicia de la Escuela Internacional Renascence™  podría…

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10 Amazing Lessons From Being an Entrepreneur

Search Engine Journal - Larry Kim

"Once upon a time, somebody hired you to do a job. You did that job – and did it well. Successful strategies were developed. Projects were completed on time. Clients were happy with the results. The company was growing and making money. Yet it all somehow felt a bit… incomplete. Have your smart ideas been ignored or forgotten? Are your passions and skills not being used to their full potential? Are the people running your company lacking the traits needed of true business leaders?...Running your own successful business probably won’t turn out exactly how you imagined – but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn out even better than you imagined!...My journey as an entrepreneur has been an amazing experience. Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned so far." (more)

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Si eres un entusiasta de proporcionar a los niños las herramientas necesarias para tener éxito en el siglo 21, probablemente desees considerar la compra de una franquicia de la Escuela Internacional Renascence™.


Con mucho gusto, nosotros programaremos una visita a alguna de las sedes de la Escuela Internacional Renascence y de esta manera, podremos hablar sobre los requerimientos necesarios para abrir una nueva sede en tu ciudad.  


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