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CoSN2021: Remote Learning Creates New Opportunities for K–12 Education

Ed Tech Magazine – Rebecca Torchia

“For many educators, the shift to remote learning happened overnight. In Oregon, Beaverton School District teachers, students and families were informed one day at noon that schools would be closed the next day and beyond, said district CIO Steven Langford at CoSN2021.” (more)

NPR/Ipsos Poll: Nearly One-Third Of Parents May Stick With Remote Learning

NPR – Anya Kamenetz and Eda Uzunlar

“The nation has lacked solid national data on precisely where classrooms are open to students. In our survey, half of parents said their children were learning virtually, a third were attending in person full-time, and the remainder were in person part-time. As other polls have found, Black and Hispanic parents were far more likely than white parents to say their children were all-remote — 65% for Black parents, 57% for Hispanic parents, and 38% for white parents.” (more)

Report: US schools receive D grade for infrastructure

K-12 Dive – Naaz Modan

“The organization pointed to a 2020 report from the Government Accountability Office, which found 53% of the nation’s schools need to upgrade or replace multiple building systems, including HVAC. The same agency found nearly 41% reported issues with HVAC systems, with ASCE calling it a “significant concern,” and that 16% of districts have not assessed their facilities in the past decade.” (more)

Finally For Parents, A Glimmer Of Hope

The Huffington Post – Kate Auletta

“Like millions of other kids around the country, my second-grade son has been fully remote learning since last March. Ask any caregiver and they’ll nod in agreement: It’s been awful, and that’s a terrific understatement. 2020 was hard on everyone, but it was particularly hard on kids.” (more)

Make financial literacy a graduation requirement

The Santa Fe New Mexican – Doug Lynam

“We don’t teach children the language of finance, and then we wonder why most adults struggle with money. We send young adults into the world financially illiterate, and then they fall into terrible predicaments because they’ve never been given the tools for success. The world of finance has a unique vocabulary, set of rules and etiquette. This world is a bizarre parallel place, operating side by side with your everyday existence.” (more)

Too much screen time delays school readiness

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Conducted by UniSA researchers, Dr. Kobie Boshoff, Alessia Pivato and Sarah Seekamp, the study explores the concerns of more than 100 South Australian preschool directors, finding that an overuse of screen time, in lieu of quality play, is substantially impacting children’s development, putting them behind their peers as they start school.” (more)

Raising Startup Children—Play Monopoly Like An Entrepreneur

Forbes – John Greathouse

“As noted in How The Woman Behind The Monopoly Game Lost Out On The Billions It Generated, the board game was initially conceived by Ms. Elizabeth J. Magie, circa 1903. Her motivation was to create a game that would illustrate the evils of capitalism. Per her worldview, capitalism was a zero-sum game in which a handful of people prevail, at the expense of the rest of society.” (more)

CoSN2021: What Innovation Trends Permeate K–12 Education?

Ed Tech Magazine – Rebecca Torchia

“As trends and new technologies push innovation in the classroom, teaching quickly becomes a learning experience in its own right. For teachers, these lessons can help to expand the boundaries of learning and overcome the educational challenges their students face on a regular basis.” (more)

Motivation is a key factor in whether students cheat

The Conversation – Carlton J. Fong and Megan Krou

“To detect student cheating, considerable resources have been devoted to using technology to monitor students online. This online surveillance has increased students’ anxiety and distress. For instance, some students have indicated the monitoring technology required them to stay at their desks or risk being labeled as cheaters.” (more)