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25 Children’s Books That Teach Kids About Elections And Voting

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“We’re five weeks away from Election Day 2020, and needless to say, it’s set to be a historically significant one. Elections offer parents the opportunity to educate their kids about the U.S. democratic process, and this one is no exception. If you’re struggling with how to dive into the topic with your children, let books be your guide. We’ve rounded up a selection of children’s books that teach kids about elections and voting. Scroll down for stories that explain the political process, celebrate inspiring political figures, shed light on the struggle for voting rights and more.” (more)

Making the most of K-12 digital textbooks and online educational tools

The Conversation – Kui Xie

“Whether children are currently going to school in person, learning remotely or doing a mix of both, digital tools and texts are becoming much more commonplace for K-12 education during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m a professor who researches the use of technology in education. I’m also the father of three children between the ages of 4 and 9 who are all learning from home. You might think it would be easy for me to get used to this new normal. Sadly, that’s not true.” (more)

How To Navigate Virtual Bullying, According To Experts

Romper – Jennifer Parris

“An estimated 1 in 5 kids in the U.S. has been bullied, Do Something reported. Additionally, 160,000 teens have skipped school as a result of being bullied. Suicide was the tenth leading cause of death overall in the U.S. in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with over 48,000 fatalities; it was the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 10 and 34. ” (more)

The New Normal Takes Testing Online

Language Magazine – Tonya Davis

“While academic institutions around the world struggle to decide the way forward for the upcoming school year, how to test students safely and accurately is often at the forefront of their decision making. There is no way around it. We must embrace new methods so that testing as well as the entire academic process can continue. It is no longer a choice but an imperative.” (more)

The Rise of Dual Credit

Education Next – Kelly Field

“Between the 2002-3 and 2010-11 academic years, the number of high school students taking college courses for credit increased by 68 percent, to nearly 1.4 million, the latest federal data shows (see Figure 1). By 2015, nearly 70 percent of high schools offered dual enrollment, according to the Government Accountability Office.” (more)

The New Normal Workplace: Bearing The Brunt Of The Back-To-School Burden

Forbes – Lorna Borenstein

“Before the pandemic struck, how often did you worry about working parents quitting their well-paying jobs due to being overwhelmed by the physical and emotional demands of overseeing K-12 remote schooling? It’s unlikely that you envisaged employees being forced to choose between supervising their children’s education and getting their work done. You probably didn’t think much about how different learning styles are disproportionately affected by online instruction, let alone its impact on your workforce. Yet now, for employees and employers alike, these are the issues du jour.” (more)

6 ways learning a second language helps you get ahead in your career

Ladders – Kaitlyn McInnis

“Being able to speak a second or third language shows a lot about who you are as a person—from your character to your work ethic and ability to commit to a challenging task at hand. It also shows that you’re willing to adapt and open to new learning possibilities.” (more)

Helping students with autism navigate a socially distanced classroom

E-School News – Eileen Belastock

“While many educators and students are returning to the familiar classrooms left abruptly in March, teaching this upcoming year will be anything but business as usual. In a recent edWebinar, Aimee Dearmon, Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), says the disruption of routines, schedules, classroom layouts, and necessary social distancing protocols will be very difficult for our most vulnerable students with autism and other developmental disabilities.” (more)

76% Of Parents Worried For Their Child’s Safety Doing Online Learning

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

“In a perfect world, we would never have to worry about children and their safety, but this is not a perfect world. Especially in the year 2020, it seems like every decision a parent makes comes with a huge list of cons, making it impossible to be sure that you are ever doing the right thing. While schools have opened for in-person learning, a lot of parents decided to keep their children home and have them learn online. This seemed like the perfect solution to keep them safe from the virus, but there was something not a lot of parents had considered.” (more)

Creating Online Clubs for Students During Remote Learning

Edutopia – Vivian Hernandez

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a big shift toward online learning. While we adjust to teaching students differently, I believe that extracurriculars will still be important when it comes to keeping students motivated. But how do we accomplish this? I propose creating a virtual club experience.” (more)