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Play Will Be More Important Than Ever in Preschool This Year

Edutopia – Sara LaHayne

“After a year and a half of social distancing and virtual learning, our transition back to a classroom routine needs to start with social and emotional learning (SEL), and play must be at the forefront in early childhood classrooms. While play has always been an important part of early childhood, teachers should prioritize incorporating intentional play to promote social and emotional development, the very foundation from which we can play and work with others, take turns, manage impulses, and keep trying when we’re struggling.” (more)

Reports: Math, reading progress slowed during first full school year of pandemic

K-12 Dive – Kara Arundel and Naaz Modan

“Separate reports released this week by NWEA, Amplify and McKinsey & Company confirm end-of-year learning gains lag those made prior to the pandemic. The research from the three testing and consulting organizations shows student progress fell short in math and reading, with disparities varying along race and income lines.” (more)

I’m a Peace Teacher. Here’s How Brain Science Helps My Kids Handle Conflict

Ed Surge – Linda Ryden

“I had been teaching conflict resolution to elementary school children in Washington, D.C., for five years when I suddenly realized I was doing it all wrong. My peace classes were engaging and fun and many of the kids were using the conflict resolution skills in real conflicts. On the surface, it all looked good.” (more)

OPINION: Post-pandemic schooling will be even more challenging than most of us expect

The Hechinger Report – Josh Thomases

“Imagine that it’s summer, 2022. The pandemic is a fading memory and data is being released from the first state assessments of student learning in three years. What will the data tell us? Despite the best efforts of thousands of us in education, I am deeply afraid of the answer — and specifically what it will reveal along lines of race and class.” (more)

How Tech Is Reinventing Art Education

Business World – Staff Writer

“Ever since the pandemic disrupted much of our everyday lives, the adoption of digital tools has significantly picked up its pace. Technology has forayed into almost all industries and the education sector has been no exception. Transforming the educational landscape altogether, edtech firms have been playing a pivotal role in offering high-end, engaging, and tech-savvy learning experiences to the students.” (more)

3 ways students can be ready for college and a career

E-School News – Alison Bell

“While the way students are achieving educational goals may look a little different due to the pandemic, it doesn’t eliminate its value or importance. In fact, with the way our day-to-day lives are evolving, it’s critical that students take time to evaluate how their next steps, personally and professionally, might impact the future. What’s been made clear over the past year is that how one looks for a college, how one prepares for a career and, ultimately, the importance of education all go hand in hand.” (more)

How Read-Alouds Can Benefit Older Students

Edutopia – Linda Campbell and Christie Rodgers

“One of the best parts of kindergarten through second grades is the time that teachers set aside to read aloud to their students. It’s a moment when children get to use their imagination and creativity while dreaming about the story that’s unfolding before them. The wonderment and excitement this activity creates is one of the reasons why young children develop a love of reading. However, once a student moves into upper elementary and middle school, many times these read-alouds are replaced with reading curriculum that schools feel must take precedence, which usually means dropping the daily read-alouds.” (more)

Kindergarten Enrollment Fell Last Year. Now Schools Wonder How Many Kids Are Coming

KQED News Mind/Shift – Clare Lombardo

“Elia Garrison was already considering holding her son Dominic back from starting kindergarten before the pandemic hit in 2020. Coronavirus, she says, cemented that choice. Dominic is the fifth of six children, and Garrison, a blogger in Perkasie, Pa., watched how tumultuous classes were for her older ones when the pandemic started. “I didn’t want Dominic to have that experience with kindergarten, because kindergarten is such an important year for them,” she says.” (more)

How The Pandemic Is Inspiring Gen-Z To Rethink Their Education And Career

Forbes – Mark C. Perna

“It’s only natural that many of us are finding it hard to forget the tragedy and pain wrought by the pandemic. But perhaps, as the country continues on its reopening path, it’s time to look for the silver linings that now shine through the darkness of the past year and a half.” (more)