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Commentary: No excuses, your kid should be ready for math before kindergarten

Channel News Asia – Susan Sonnenschein, Rebecca Dowling and Shari Renee Metzger

“Parents play a critical role in their children’s early math education. They not only can provide math-related toys and games, but serve as role models demonstrating how math is used in everyday activities. Children who see their parents doing everyday math engage more often in math activities. This, in turn, builds early math skills, which serve as the foundation for later learning.” (more)

How Parents Can Help Improve the Quality of a Teen’s Sleep

KQED News Min/Shift – April Fulton

“Within three days of starting high school this year, my ninth-grader could not get into bed before 11 p.m. or wake up by 6 a.m. He complained he couldn’t fall asleep but felt foggy during the school day and had to reread lessons a few times at night to finish his homework. And forget morning activities on the weekends — he was in bed. We’re not the only family struggling to get restful shut-eye.” (more)

Working in a group might be the best way to help kids meet individual goals, study says

The Hechinger Report – Jill Barshay

“Now, a new study out by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), a nonprofit research firm, makes the argument that collaborative, group learning might actually serve each student’s individual academic needs quite well. In a study of almost 900 high school students at four different schools, the researchers found that the more high-quality collaborative learning experiences students had at school, the more that the students said they felt their personal learning needs were met and that they were adequately challenged and supported when they needed help.” (more)

Mandarin Chinese lessons in hot demand

Radio New Zealand – Jessie Chiang

“It is Chinese Language Week and younger people around New Zealand are taking up Mandarin in record numbers. It follows a nationwide trend of primary and secondary students learning the language, which reached record levels last year.” (more)

Can you solve it? The language of the lake puzzle

The Guardian – Alex Bellos

“Today’s puzzle concerns the South American language Aymara. It’s testing you on the sort of linguistics skills that might help you get you a job at Google, according today’s article in which a Google exec says that an understanding of language is the key to the next giant leap in technology.” (more)

How To Talk To Kids About School Safety

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“Although it’s important to respond to kids’ queries and have conversations around school safety, broaching this topic without causing unnecessary fear or anxiety can pose a challenge. To offer guidance, HuffPost spoke to a couple of school safety experts about the best ways to tackle these issues with kids. Here are eight things to keep in mind when discussing school safety with children. Much of the advice can apply to parents and educators alike.” (more)

It’s not just for kids—even adults appear to benefit from a regular bedtime

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Sufficient sleep has been proven to help keep the body healthy and the mind sharp. But it’s not just an issue of logging at least seven hours of Z’s. A new study on sleep patterns suggests that a regular bedtime and wake time are just as important for heart and metabolic health among older adults.” (more)