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The 6 Best Websites for Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Make Use Of – Joe Keeley

“Children generally find it easier and quicker to learn a language than adults; if you have kids of your own, you should encourage them to become multilingual. Whether it’s understanding other cultures, the freedom to communicate when traveling, or greater job opportunities, the benefits of learning another language can’t be overstated.” (more)

Financial literacy education has far-reaching effects

Lend It FinTech News – Isabelle Castro

“Financial literacy is an issue and one that doesn’t seem to be going away. According to the OECD International Survey of financial literacy, only 52% of adults can be considered financially knowledgeable. Looking at other surveys, the results are even more alarming. “In the adult population throughout the EU, just under 50% do not understand basic financial concepts,” said Phillip Haglund, founder, and CEO of Gimi.” (more)

10 Factors Possibly Creating An Educational Gap In Middle School

Moms – Jessica Tucker

“If ever there was a time to realize the educational gaps that exist in the system it was as a result of the pandemic. With kids not having access to the same materials, more responsibility than should fall onto the shoulders of kids, lack of motivation to learn, and more, educational gaps made their presence known in full force.” (more)

Survey: Third of students reluctant to seek help for mental health issues

K-12 Dive – Naaz Modan

“Almost a third of students who considered visiting a school counselor, school-based therapist or school psychologist about issues outside of career services said they ended up not doing so because they didn’t think their issues “were big enough to bother someone with” or felt like they would be judged, according to a nationally representative survey from Springtide Research Institute.” (more)

How To Expand Your Toddler’s Attention

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

“Toddlers are always described as incredibly energetic, curious, and at times, a handful. They are known for having big feelings that they are not that great at expressing, which means that they can often come out in the form of tantrums. When mom wants to handle these ‘meltdowns’ she will often try and distract her toddler with a new activity or even some screen time. This can sometimes break the tantrum, and get them to focus on something else for a bit, and then they forget what they were upset about.” (more)

Journeys into foreign languages

The Altavista Journal – Lynda Pinto-Torres

“Vaughn Smith, a carpet cleaner in the D.C. area, speaks at least 37 languages…so far. This well exceeds the 11 necessary to qualify as a hyperpolyglot. He’s intrigued by accents he hears and people he meets who speak a language he doesn’t know. On his own, he studies these languages. Unlike most people, he learns them effortlessly.” (more)

Americans Are Missing a Key Stratum of Modern Knowledge

The Atlantic – Kendra Pierre-Louis

“The idea that Earth science barely counts as science is so woven into the educational landscape that it can feel like a truism instead of a choice. My high school, for example, offered Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, and two flavors of physics, but at the time, none existed for Earth science. And, notes Mika McKinnon, a field researcher and geophysicist, this derision for the subject shows up all over popular culture—on The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, and even college campuses, where introductory geology courses are often given the dismissive nickname “Rocks for Jocks.”” (more)

Kids Are Far, Far Behind in School

The Atlantic – Thomas Kane

“Starting in the spring of 2020, school boards and superintendents across the country faced a dreadful choice: Keep classrooms open and risk more COVID-19 deaths, or close schools and sacrifice children’s learning. In the name of safety, many districts shut down for long periods. But researchers are now learning that the closures came at a stiff price—a large decline in children’s achievement overall and a historic widening in achievement gaps by race and economic status.” (more)