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‘Learning foreign language is about changing yourself’

The Korea Times – Jung Da-Min

“Many people learn foreign languages for different reasons ― for studying, traveling abroad or for business opportunities, to list just a few. For Lee Ji-hyun, founder and CEO of Chinese language learning application Five Color Chinese, learning Chinese as a foreign language was about learning another way to view the world and express herself. Lee said she learned English in elementary school, as she spent several years in New Zealand. She said she has since been able to access more information and hear different perspectives from people all over the world, even after she came back to Korea.” (more)

7 Tips For Raising Bilingual Kids

Moms – Samira Khan

“For all moms in an interethnic relationship or marriage, here is a good news: raising a bilingual or multilingual kid is not difficult but fun if you follow a few easy tips. Knowing more than one language is always beneficial. According to a research published in India Today, being bilingual boosts children’s IQ, and speaking in your native language at home is associated with higher intelligence.” (more)

Making remote learning work for foreign-language instruction

Smart Brief – Kate Cassada, Anne Bryant, and Victoria Case

“The chaos of last spring’s mass closures and remote learning experiment left many educators wondering what learning and instruction would look like when the new school year began. Initially, we shared the same worries as our teacher peers. What would be the safest learning platform? Would we be able to shift our in-person instructional practices to an online format? And, if yes, would students even show up? Would students learn?” (more)

Keeping Story Time Alive in the Pandemic

Edutopia – Wendy Gustavel

“I’m a school librarian who believes in the magical power of books. When the world turned upside down with the pandemic in March 2020, I felt my students could use a little magic. I asked myself, “How can I use books to help students in grades pre-K to 5 navigate this uncharted territory?” I knew I could use literature with my students to explore and validate feelings and experiences, but I had never done this in a virtual space.” (more)

News literacy campaign providing tools for vetting fake news

K-12 Dive – Shawna De La Rosa

“Though the use of unreliable news sources was growing prior to the past year, the events of 2020 highlighted the troubling trend of individuals believing poorly vetted sources of “news.” From conspiracies about the coronavirus and fear about COVID-19 vaccines to questions about the validity of the presidential election, sorting through real and fake news has been overwhelming for many students.” (more)

SAT Discontinues Subject Tests And Optional Essay

NPR – Elissa Nadworny and Eda Uzunlar

“The College Board announced on Tuesday that it will discontinue the optional essay component of the SAT and that it will no longer offer subject tests in U.S. history, languages and math, among other topics. The organization, which administers the college entrance exam in addition to several other tests, including Advanced Placement exams, will instead focus efforts on a new digital version of the SAT.” (more)

To learn at home, kids need more than just teaching materials. Their brain must also adapt to the context

The Conversation – John Munro

“Research during the first phase of remote teaching in Victoria reported some students found the workload “too high”, missed interactions with peers, felt their thinking ability was impaired, and reported a difficulty coping with study and life more generally. All these factors impact on students’ sense of well-being. While learning remotely, some children experienced heightened anxiety, stress and other emotional reactions such as depression.” (more)

6 ways to help kids express their feelings about the coronavirus pandemic through art

The Conversation – Nikki Martyn

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected children’s worlds in many ways. Due to closures and restrictions, they have experienced the loss of social engagement and the support of friends, school communities or extended family. Children have likely had conversations about the virus and what they can do to stay safer, and they may been exposed to news stories about COVID-19.” (more)

‘Secret Codes’ to Learn a New Language by Watching Netflix

Entrepreneur – Staff Writer

“We are already in the third week of the year and, usually, the motivation to fulfill our purposes fades. The rhythm of work life (even if we are doing home office), school and other pending make us put aside our goals. However, there is a way to learn multiple languages from the comfort of your couch: watch Netflix .” (more)

How to ease back to in-person learning

District Administration – Florence Simmons

“The unpredictability of COVID-19 means that while many districts have returned to full in-person learning, many also have retained either a fully remote or hybrid learning schedule. Still others returned to in-person learning and then had to pivot to remote learning due to positive cases in the building, and then pivot back again.” (more)