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2 in 3 High School Students Know of Kids Who Cheat Using Digital Devices — but Few Admit Doing It Themselves

The 74 Million – Laura Fay

“Nearly 2 in 3 high school students have seen or heard of classmates using technology to cheat in school, according to a recent survey of American teens. But only 29 percent of students surveyed by the cybersecurity company McAfee admitted cheating using an online device — suggesting that some may not have been honest about their own technology use, said McAfee’s Gary Davis. “I suspect that if somebody saw someone using a device, that may compel them to actually do something similar, so I’m not sure if in some of these responses [students] were totally transparent with their response,” he told The 74. Students can cheat by taking pictures of notes or test answers and peeking at their smartphones during exams, The Denver Post reported.”(more)

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