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Finance 101: Parents face steeper prepaid tuition plans

Miami Herald – Michael Vasquez

“On one side, there’s the rapid, jaw-dropping increase in prepaid’s price tag — with one tuition category costing more than four times what it did just a year ago. It’s enough to make some parents want to give up on the widely popular prepaid program. On the other side, there’s the projected cost of an in-state education when your newborn child reaches age 18: $225,307.”(more)

Don’t bury yourself in debt to pay for college

Los Angeles Times – Liz Pulliam Weston

“You really shouldn’t borrow money if you don’t have a way to pay it back. When you’re unemployed, taking on $15,000 a semester in debt is pretty foolish.”(more)

Type-A-Plus Students Chafe at Grade Deflation

New York Times – Lisa Foderaro

“When Princeton University set out six years ago to corral galloping grade inflation by putting a lid on A’s, many in academia lauded it for taking a stand on a national problem and predicted that others would follow. But the idea never took hold beyond Princeton’s walls, and so its bold vision is now running into fierce resistance from the school’s Type-A-plus student body.”(more)

Student enrollment in online K-12 courses up 12.5% in Colorado

Denver Business Journal – Mark Harden

“While the explosion in online college education has received a lot of attention, a new state report says that enrollment in high-school and even elementary-school courses offered over the Internet is also growing rapidly in Colorado.”(more)

Namibia: No Big Change in Grade 12 Results

All Africa – Christof Maletsky

“AT least 3 640 of the 17 255 full-time students who wrote the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) exams last year have qualified for admission to the Polytechnic of Namibia and the University of Namibia.”(more)