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States Race to Apply for U.S. Education Funds

Wall Street Journal – Neil King Jr. and Barbara Martinez

“Forty states are seeking federal school funding through a competitive Obama administration program that has prompted educational changes as well as resistance in much of the country.”(more)

City Schools May Get Fewer A’s

New York Times – Jennifer Medina

“Under the proposed changes, schools would be measured against one another, with those where students show the most significant improvements getting the top grades. There would be set grade-distribution guidelines, with 25 percent of schools receiving A’s, 30 percent B’s, 30 percent C’s, 10 percent D’s, and the bottom 5 percent of schools getting F’s.”(more)

As City’s Charter Schools Expand, State Remains Deadlocked on Future Growth

New York Times – Sharon Otterman

“Next year will be the biggest year of growth yet for New York’s charter schools, with 29 due to open in New York City alone. But Seth Andrew, the founder of Democracy Prep, a successful charter middle school in Harlem, is already starting to turn his focus to another state. The political environment in New York, he fears, is shifting.”(more)

Fixing our failing schools

San Francisco Chronicle – James Farwell

“Principles for real reform– Educational policy needs to be made by those who actually work with children and know what works – not by members of think tanks, special interest groups or politicians.– Consider the impact and consequences that a decision will have on our children’s ability to learn and on their general welfare.– Our educational philosophy needs to be based on proven educational practices – not on the latest funding fad.”(more)

Gov. Crist proposes more money for Fla. higher ed

Business Week – Bill Kaczor

“Gov. Charlie Crist and higher education officials announced a plan Thursday to build a “knowledge economy” in Florida by doubling state university funding over the next five years.”(more)