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LAUSD considers earlier start to school year

Los Angeles Times – Howard Blume

“An education reform gaining traction locally has nothing to do with reading or math: It’s a plan to start the school year earlier. This change would not make the school year longer — it would just begin sooner and end sooner. The Los Angeles Unified School District hails the idea as a step forward academically, arguing that students would be better prepared for exams.”(more)

School sees dramatic results after eliminating the D grade

The Star – Lesley Ciarula Taylor

“A New Jersey school district pushed more than half of its failing students into a passing grade after a radical move to abolish the D grade, the district reports. . . . ‘We’ve got to eliminate an option that’s not an option in real life,” he told the Star at the time. “Would you want to fly with a D-grade airline pilot?'”(more)

Students expected to be spoilt for choice

Business Standard – Vinay Umarji & Kalpana Pathak

“It could be an early Christmas for students at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) this year. The final placement process, which kicks off on December 1, is expected to be a season of bonanza, with recruiting companies queuing up once again after a two-year lull.”(more)

Teacher quality queried

The Australian – Jill Rowbotham

“TEACHERS in the vocational education and training sector need to be better qualified, the Productivity Commission has found.”(more)