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Teacher training cuts: quality not quantity

Telegraph – Staff Writer

“Reforming the way teachers are trained is probably the biggest task that Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has set himself. The entrenched attitudes and fashionable Left-wing orthodoxies of the educational establishment have gone unchallenged for 40 years or more. Despite the constant upheaval in the state sector in recent years, power has remained in the hands of those who oppose selection, competition, excellence and discipline.”(more)

Student Fees That Go to Sports Get Scrutiny

The Wall Street Journal – Kevin Helliker

“A majority of Ohio University students believe too large a portion of their general fees is subsidizing the school’s athletic teams, according to a new survey.”(more)

Can Students Learn to Learn?

Inside Higher Ed – Scott Jaschik

“A student with metacognition may realize after a disappointing test that she didn’t study hard enough, and needs to devote more time to academics. The student operating without metacognition may respond to the same setback by trashing his instructor on While some colleges have long taught study skills, some institutions are experimenting with efforts to teach much more than how to study: they are looking for ways to grow their students’ metacognition. “(more)