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China’s rise lies in talents, education, not GDP: Premier

China Daily – Staff Writer

“China’s rise lies in talents and education, not gross domestic product (GDP), Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday. . . . He also said an important aspect for China’s higher-learning education reform is to encourage students’ creative spirit and independent thinking, in a bid to foster more high-calibre talents.”(more)

South Alabama program aims to add science teachers to Mobile schools

Press-Register – Renee Busby

“Mobile County schools Deputy Superintendent Martha Peek said it’s becoming more difficult to recruit math and science teachers. In many cases, school salaries are not as competitive as other fields. Lauding the USA program, Peek said that it allows the participants to see ‘how special it is to become a teacher and how rewarding it is to be in a classroom.'”(more)

Teens say cellphones distracting in class

The Star – Kristin Rushowy

“They love them for talking and texting — but cellphones are already such a distraction that they should not be used as educational tools, says a new survey of Ontario high school students.”(more)

Higher Education Means Lower Blood Pressure

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Josh Fischman

“To avoid a heart attack, it’s a good idea to lose weight and quit smoking. Perhaps the best cardiac health insurance, however, is going to graduate school.”(more)

Pennsylvania lawmakers suggest amendments to school voucher bill

The Patriot News – Jan Murphy

“Lawmakers are lining up behind the idea of giving parents taxpayer-paid vouchers to send their children to schools of their choice. Trying to stop a voucher bill advancing in the Senate is seen by some as futile, so backers are focusing on ways to make it more palatable. “(more)