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Immersion needs a political push: expert

The Montreal Gazette – Brenda Branswell

“”All the concerns that the English-speaking community had about immersion 40 years ago are re-surfacing,” said Genesee, a McGill University psychology professor whose research includes evaluating immersion programs in Canada. Immersion will be under the microscope next week at a two-day symposium in Montreal that will pay tribute to the work of Wallace Lambert, an experimental psychologist and McGill University researcher who helped reshape views of second-language learning.”(more)

Playing the Blame Game

The Salt Lake Tribune – Lisa Schencker

“Many Americans believe that only a small percentage of leaders understand the complexities of the school system, and that individuals who do understand the intricacies of the system use their knowledge to justify the mediocre performance of our teachers and students. The American school system is the best-financed system in the world, but is one of the lowest performing.”(more)

Once-embattled charter school sees a turnaround

The Salt Lake Tribune – Lisa Schencker

“Several years ago, Mountainville Academy charter school was in crisis. The school overspent by about $300,000. Teachers lost jobs. Parents protested. Mountainville’s troubles grabbed headlines, and morale was low. But the school has come a long way since then, say some school parents and leaders, thanks partly to a program called The Leader in Me, modeled after Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”(more)

Study: Fresh food diet cuts exposure to chemical BPA

USA Today – Wendy Koch

“Adults and children can reduce their exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals, including bisphenol-A (BPA), by eating more fruits and vegetables and less food from plastic containers and metal cans, a study today says. A group of 20 San Francisco residents had 66% less BPA in their urine after spending three days on a diet of fresh, organic and unpackaged food, scientists found. “(more)

Schooling as a Knowledge Profession

Education Week – Jal D. Mehta, Louis M. Gomez, & Anthony S. Bryk

“Schools need to transition from the bureaucratic industrial-age structures in which they were created a hundred years ago into modern learning and improvement organizations that are suitable to the needs of today. To do so will be excruciatingly difficult, because it will require a change in mind-set, creation of new infrastructure, and changing patterns of authority and power.”(more)