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K-8 foreign language demand up

San Francisco Chronicle – Jessica Kwong

“Many of the parents, who never had such an opportunity when they were growing up, believe their kids will benefit from an earlier introduction to a second language. More and more parents are realizing that ‘children through age 8 have a language acquisition window where they can learn naturally,’ said Michael Fee, executive director of Lango.”(more)

White House Official Stresses Need for Native-Language Tests

Education Week – Mary Ann Zehr

“The Obama administration wants to see school districts move forward in making native-language assessments available for English-language learners. The administration wants to see that the new generation of tests are valid and reliable for ELLs.”(more)

What to do with a degree in chemistry

The Guardian – Angela Foster

“All that time in the lab can give you more transferable skills than you think. For those with less lofty ambitions, it can open doors to a wide variety of careers inside or outside the lab.”(more)

Taiwan Hopes to Draw in More Foreign Students

Department of Education – Christopher F. Schuetze

“Taiwan’s government is hoping to more than double the number of visiting university students, to 95,000, by 2014, according to the statement, issued Thursday. The ultimate goal, it said, is for foreigners to make up about 7.5 percent of total students studying in Taiwan, a rate comparable with Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.”(more)

Schools to get more power to manage teachers

Department of Education – Staff Reporter

“The proposed changes will make it easier for schools to manage teachers and deal effectively with the small number of poorly performing teachers. It is expected that the new arrangements for dealing with underperforming teachers will come into effect from September 2011.”(more)