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States Threaten To Defy ‘No Child Left Behind’

NPR – Larry Abramson

“And that’s the question some are asking — whether the latest controversy about No Child Left Behind is part of a genuine effort to spur needed reforms or whether it’s really an admission that higher standards really are out of reach for some students.”(more)

Public Charter School Head Reflects on Effects of Georgia Court Ruling

Students First – Monica Henson

“The recent Georgia Supreme Court decision rendering the Charter Schools Commission unconstitutional has wrought a devastating blow to education reform in the Peach State. The decision essentially returns our state to the situation where local schools boards hold all the financial cards and control over public education, removing the opportunities for families to have choices and options for their children’s public schools (except those choices provided by the districts).”(more)

What’s the NCEE’s Problem with Agassi et al.?

NPR – Frederick Hess

“Yet, in a revealing bit of irony, the Agassi-Canyon announcement came on the heels of another self-satisfied, big-ideas report from the National Center on Education and the Economy. Telling us what American education should look like, NCEE’s grandiloquently titled ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education Reform’ went out of its way to dismiss entrepreneurs and charter schools.”(more)

California to Cut Support for Colleges by $1.7-Billion

Chronicle Of Higher Education – Staff Reporter

“California’s Legislature approved a budget late Tuesday with $400-million in cuts for community colleges and $650-million each in cuts for the California State University and University of California systems.”(more)

Nearly half of schools hit by teachers’ pension strike

BBC News – Staff Reporter

“‘I feel disappointed that people have chosen to go out on strike today. I understand that there are really strong feelings about pensions and we absolutely want to ensure that everyone in the public, especially teachers, have decent pensions.'”(more)