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Would-be grad students face longer, revised GRE

Boston Globe – Kathy Matheson

“The latest version includes new types of questions in the verbal and math sections in addition to a different scoring system — collectively, the biggest changes to the test in 60 years, officials said.” (more)

With few healthy options, teens eating more junk food

California Watch – Joanna Lin

“Researchers analyzed the number of healthy and unhealthy restaurants and food outlets near teens’ schools and homes. The result: For nearly 75 percent of teens, junk food outlets outnumber healthy ones at least 5-to-1.” (more)

Tenure Now More Difficult To Achieve In NYC

Education News – Sharon Otterman

“Teachers are now rated on a four-point scale as highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective, based on students’ tests scores, classroom observations, feedback from parents, and other factors. Before the new rules, they were simply rated satisfactory or not.” (more)

New report lays out what kids should know about science

Symmetry Magazine – Glennda Chui

“What the research on learning shows is that students learn better when they have a context in which to put those facts, where the facts are developed in a coherent fashion and where they get to understand what science is by engaging in scientific practices.” (more)

Gov. blasts California universities’ hiring of pricey presidents

Los Angeles Times – Carla Rivera

“The remarks were in response to the continuing public outcry over the decision by the Cal State Board of Trustees this month to approve an annual salary of $400,000 for Elliot Hirshman, the new president of San Diego State, at the same time the school increased annual student tuition by 12%.” (more)