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Digital vs. Print: The Back-to-School Battle Rages On

The Huffington Post – Bryce Maddock

“For the sake of ease, I’ll blow past the print-vs-digital personal preference debate. Some people like technology, some people hold fast to their printed books. But there is a point here: how many students are giving up print for Kindles and even more expensively, iPads, to carry around on campus?” (more)

Diversity: No class differences

DAWN – Mariam Naeem Khan

“Ever since our world shrunk into a global village there are scores of people traveling frequently to foreign countries as students, professionals, tourists or immigrants, adding significantly to the country’s cultural, ethnical, lingual and religious diversity. This means that the natives and the immigrants, both, need to exhibit amazing levels of tolerance and open-mindedness to live together, peacefully.” (more)

Changing the World One Robot at a Time

The Huffington Post – Jodi Gibson

“There is little dispute that U.S. students are severely lagging in science and math compared with their international counterparts. Education research further reveals that student interest is declining at a time when our nation needs more promising students to enter technical fields.” (more)

What Age for Kindergarten?

Child Up – John ChildUp

“One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning. Parents mull when best to enroll.” (more)

Intelligence comes from parents

Hindustan Times – Staff Writer

“No doubt, your upbringing and education contribute to your brain power, but a new study says that half of one’s intelligence comes from parents.” (more)