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State approves new grading formula for schools – with revisions

The Miami Herald – Kathleen McGregory

“TALLAHASSEE – The state Board of Education on Tuesday approved plans to revamp the school grading formula – but made significant changes to the original proposal, which had unleashed a barrage of criticism from parents, teachers, superintendents and business leaders.”(more)

Arts programs help students improve in all areas, group says

The Chicago Tribune – Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah

“Arts programming was a factor leading to improved standardized test scores at three schools in Chicago over three years, according to a report released today by the educational arts non-profit Changing Worlds and Loyola University. The study is just the latest calling for more arts education in Chicago Public Schools.”(more)

Pew study: Is the Internet ruining or improving today’s youth?

LA Times – Deborah Netburn

“Teenagers today are growing up in an unprecedented environment of hyper-inter-connectivity. According to recent data collected by the Pew Internet Project, 95% of teens 12 to 17 are online, 76% use social networking sites and 77% have cellphones. But whether the tweeting, Google searching, texting, Facebook chatting lifestyle of the “Always On” (AO) generation is creating a savvy group of information gatherers who skillfully harness the power of collective thinking, or if a crippling reliance on the Internet will create a generation of shallow and easily manipulated drones with no attention span — well, that’s up for debate.”(more)

Educational Toys for Preschoolers

ChildUp – John ChildUp

“With so many toys on the market nowadays, parents can find it a challenge when it comes to buying educational gifts for their preschoolers. Everywhere you look, there are electronic toys that light up with the press of a button or spew out strange noises or even move on their own. But the best advice I ever got was to remember that when buying toys for your preschooler, simple is always better.”(more)