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Into the Mouths of Babes: The Case for Minding Our Business!

The Huffington Post – David Katz, M.D.

“The wellbeing of children is everybody’s business, and everybody should mind that children are staring down the barrel of a glow-in-the-dark cheese doodle or sugar-laden cereal loop at foreshadowed health and foreshortened lives.”(more)

The Basic Skills for Kindergarten

Childup – John Childup

“Kindergarten teachers were asked to identify the top 10 skills they would like students to have mastered as they entered kindergarten.”(more)

When Washington Focuses on Schools

Education Week – Chester E. Finn Jr.

“With trivial exceptions, Washington does not run schools, employ teachers, buy textbooks, write curriculum, hand out diplomas, or decide who gets promoted to 5th grade. Historically, it has contributed less than 10 percent of national K-12 spending. So its influence on what happens in U.S. schools is indirect and limited. Yet that influence can be profound, albeit not always in a helpful way.”(more)

Big Shifts Ahead for Math Instruction

Education Week – Erik W. Robelen

“Across the nation, big shifts are afoot as 45 states and thousands of school districts gear up to implement the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. The standards will change the grade levels at which some content is introduced, push aside other topics altogether to achieve greater depth, and ask students to engage in eight “mathematical practices” to show their understanding, from making sense of problems to reasoning abstractly and constructing viable arguments.”(more)