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University applications drop by 50,000 amid rising fees

The Telegraph – Graeme Paton

“Figures show that demand for degree courses across Britain is down by almost nine per cent in just 12 months. Students from England – who face paying the highest fees – are being hit hardest by the new student finance regime, it was revealed.”(more)

An Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers and Their Students

Huff Post Education – Susan Kaiser Greenland

“By investigating inner-and-outer life experiences with mindfulness, educators and their students refine attention while developing social skills and greater social/emotional awareness that strengthens the attachment relationships between children, teens and their teachers.”(more)

Summer Camps Get Their STEM On

US News and World Report – Kelsey Sheehy

“Summer has (un)officially arrived. For many high school students, that means taking a break from the books to sleep in, spend time with friends, and avoid the list of chores left by their parents. One way to combat your teen’s doldrums is summer camp—with a twist. Aimed at exciting young students about the possibilities of science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM summer camps can offer a creative and challenging outlet for your teen, while combating summer brain drain.”(more)

Teachers Learn How to Instruct Students of Generation iY

ChildUp – John ChildUp

“Growing Leaders founder and President Tim Elmore describes people born between 1990 and 2002 as Generation iY, a generation filled with people who have grown up with technology and who learn through images. Elmore uses the acronym EPIC to describe the ways in which the group learns: experiential, participatory, image rich and connected. ‘The more EPIC you are, the better chances you have of getting your message across,’ Elmore said.”(more)