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New child literacy standards headline new CO laws

The Denver Post – Staff Writer

“A sweeping change to how Colorado teaches children how to read takes effect Sunday, the first of day of Colorado’s fiscal year and common start date for new legislation. The child literacy bill won’t go until full effect for years, but its enactment sets in motion a dramatic revision to statewide benchmarks for making sure pupils read by fourth grade.” (more)

5 More States Get Waivers From Education Law Rules

The New York Times – Motoko Rich

“The Obama administration granted waivers to five more states seeking relief from key conditions of the No Child Left Behind education law on Friday. In exchange, the states agreed to enact new standards and evaluate schools and teachers based on students’ academic progress.” (more)

Early Childhood Development: A Chinese National Priority and Global Concern for 2015

The Brookings Institute – Lauren Greubel and Jacques van der Gaag

“The Chinese government has recently made early childhood development a national priority, recognizing the social and economic dividends that quality early learning opportunities reap for its human capital in the long term. As the country with the largest population in the world, 100 million children under the age of six in China stand to benefit from increased access to high quality early childhood education.” (more)

Developing Mindfulness in School Leaders

Education News – Kirsten Olson and Valerie Brown

“At a time when school leaders are facing endless demands, we believe that skillful, mindful leadership can provide a path to a healthier and more productive school environment. In our consultancy, we have found that many school leaders are running on empty. They tell us they are tired, anxious, overworked, and stressed out. They admit to having difficulty getting through their day without feeling distracted and frustrated. And, they tell us, they know they can do better. We know they can, too.” (more)

The Art of Building STEM Professionals

U.S. News – Ryan Lytle

“Despite the prominence that STEM seems to be gaining publicly, there is still a ways to go to fulfill the market needs of professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, says Joseph Piro, an associate professor at Long Island University.” (more)