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Set aside a day to walk to school

FOX 10 TV – Staff Writer

“Walk to School events demonstrate the need to make walking and biking to school safer and raise awareness of the benefits of participation.” (more)

Pa. must pull parent trigger to save education

Penn Live – Patriots News Op-Ed

“The bill would improve oversight of charter schools and their ability to function. Charters have not only exploded in popularity since they opened 15 years ago, but outperformed traditional public schools on the PSSAs in many cities across Pennsylvania.” (more)

MPS overhauls federally financed tutoring program

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – Erin Richards

“To address these issues, the Milwaukee School Board has approved a plan to overhaul the fed erally financed public after-school tutoring program that has been a fixture of No Child Left Behind for more than a decade.” (more)