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The Root of Real Jobs: Filling the STEM Talent Gap

Huffington Post – Edie Fraser

“But finding talent to fill science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs these days is rarely about anything as subtle as fit. It’s a much more basic and troubling challenge. The talent — and more critically, the skills — are just not there to be had.”(more)

Multiple Perspectives in an International Classroom

Education Week – Anthony Jackson

“The ability to weigh multiple perspectives—from different schools of thought cultures, or individual viewpoints—is one of the most important skills in the global innovation economy.”(more)

Moving the Education Agenda Forward

Education Week – Dan Domenech

“The American Assoc. of School Administrators this winter will put forth a vision of what a 21st century American public educational system should look like…The vision will include universal pre-school education and a personalized system of K-12 education that will allow youngsters to proceed at their own pace…measuring progress against an agreed upon set of common core standards.”(more)

6 Innovations in Social Emotional Learning

Education Week – Tom Vander Ark

“Social emotional learning (SEL) teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work, effectively and ethically…more than 200 studies showed that students receiving quality SEL programming scored higher on traditional tests, had improved commitment to school, and had fewer discipline problems…”(more)