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Mexico’s education reform may prove historic

The Miami Herald – Andres Oppenheimer

“This may be a historic week for Mexico. After decades of unsuccessful efforts to modernize its public education system, President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government arrested almighty teachers’ union leader Elba Esther Gordillo and — perhaps more importantly — signed a constitutional amendment that will allow key education reforms.”(more)

Parents Cite Challenges of Supporting Healthy Habits

Education Week – Nora Fleming

“Parents report feeling too burdened and time-constrained to make their children exercise and eat well, even though they are aware that both good nutrition and an active lifestyle are essential for their children’s well-being, says the first in an eight-part series published by National Public Radio.”(more)

STEM Challenge: Seeking the Future – Michael Warshaw/Christa Avampato

“How do you motivate kids so they want to build up their skills in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics – better known as STEM? Make a game of it, of course.”(more)

School breakfast means better math skills, study says – Alfred Lubrano

“Children who eat breakfast in school do better in math and miss fewer class days, according to a new national study released Wednesday…”The simple act of feeding kids a healthy school breakfast can have a dramatic impact on their academic, health, and economic futures””(more)

Kidsunlimited Nursery Offers Language and Culture Programme

Wired PR News – Press Release

“Children of all ages attending Kidsunlimited Wandsworth will have the opportunity to begin learning Mandarin Chinese…“Children who learn another language also see improvements in overall cognitive development including increased creative thinking, and development in problem solving abilities, benefiting mathematical understanding””(more)