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Is Quality Pre-Kindergarten the Key to a Better Vocabulary?

Time – Bonnie Rochman

“But a new study of Boston Public Schools’ (BPS) free pre-kindergarten program — which relies on a predetermined curriculum and actively coaches teachers — found that participation significantly boosts kindergarten readiness.”(more)

Math Teachers Strive to Bring Core to At-Risk Students

Education Week – Anthony Rebora

“The Common Core State Standards for mathematics, now being introduced in schools across the country, set new grade-by-grade expectations for deepening students’ understanding of math concepts, with an emphasis on algebraic thinking.”(more)

Classroom Turnaround is Easy, Part 2

Education News – John Jensen

“In my prior article “Classroom Turnaround is Easy” I suggested three conditions for jumpstarting student motivation and learning.”(more)

Digital Discipline

Education Next – Joshua Dunn and Martha Derthick

“In a recent wave of cases, lower federal courts have reached contradictory conclusions about school officials’ authority to punish students’ speech in social media, raising difficult questions about the applicability of today’s First Amendment doctrine to online speech.”(more)

Taking a crack at California’s education system

The Los Angeles Times – Michael J. Mishak and Howard Blume

“Michelle Rhee came to prominence as the tough-minded chancellor of Washington, D.C., schools. Now she’s in Sacramento, taking on this state’s system — and its teachers unions.”(more)