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Mastering Practice, Teaching’s Key Tradeoff

Education News – John Jensen

“A tradeoff lies in how you use class time. Less of this, more of that, and you get different results. If you ever studied the piano, you’ll understand.”(more)

Turmoil swirling around Common Core education standards

The Washington Post – Lyndsey Layton

“As public schools across the country transition to the new Common Core standards, which bring wholesale change to the way math and reading are taught in 45 states and the District, criticism of the approach is emerging from groups as divergent as the tea party and the teachers union.”(more)

Solving the ‘Boy Crisis’ in Schools

The Huffington Post – Michael Kimmel

“Many concerned educators and media pundits have decried the “boy crisis” in schools — the fact that girls are surpassing boys in college attendance (about 60 percent of entering first-year students this year are female), achievement (girls have caught up in science and math, and far outpace boys in English and language); and behaviors (boys are far more likely to be retained, suspended, diagnosed with ADHD and get into fights).”(more)

Top 10 wage-earning industries

The Washington Post – Valerie Strauss

“Wondering what field you or your children should go into? IBISWorld, an independent publisher of U.S. industry research, has a new report out about 10 leading wage-earning industries…”(more)