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Arne Duncan Touts Advantages of Bilingualism

Education Week – Lesli A. Maxwell

“…U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan over breakfast yesterday gave perhaps his clearest statements to date on the benefits of dual-language development and instruction…”The fact that our kids don’t grow up [bilingual] puts them at a competitive disadvantage,” he said, noting that it’s common practice in many other countries for students to learn at least one other language.”(more)

Students Can Learn by Explaining, Studies Say

Education Week – Sarah D. Sparks

“Children are quick to ask “why?” and “how?” when it comes to new things, but research suggests elementary and preschool students learn more when teachers turn the questions back on them.”(more)

Watching Words: Responses To Language Predict Future Autism Outcomes

Medical Daily – Matthew Mientka

“In a new study at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, investigators watched brain responses among two-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder to words presented to them. Those responses, recorded with sensors in an elastic cap, predicted later linguistic, cognitive, and adaptive skills among those children at ages four and six.”(more)

America Meets and Greets the World… in Mississippi!

Huffington Post – Saul Gitlin

“Established by the federal government in 2002, The Language Flagship is, today, a national network of 26 intensive programs located at 22 academic institutions and 10 overseas centers that is designed to provide American students advanced training in foreign language utilizing new models of intensive language learning.”(more)

Survey: Learning ’21st-Century Skills’ Linked to Work Success

Education Week – Anthony Rebora

“A study released today by the polling firm Gallup Inc. finds that students’ exposure to so-called 21st-century skills in school correlates positively with “perceived quality of work” later in life…The skills in question…included collaboration, knowledge construction, global awareness, use of technology for learning, real-world problem solving, and skilled communication…The analysis shows that respondents who had a comparatively high degree of exposure to such skills in their last year of school were twice as likely to strongly agree that they are successful and valued in their current jobs.”(more)