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Parent Trigger Laws to Get Real Test as Overhauled Schools Open

Education News – Julia Lawrence

“Since the time the first parent trigger measures entered law books in states across the country, the method of parents taking control and defining the direction of their local schools been mired in controversy. However, until this fall, the arguments – both pro and against – were grounded in theory. That is about to change, and as Natasha Lindstrom of Hechinger Report explains, three schools overhauled under parent trigger law provisions will open their doors in Southern California.” (more)

How do you say monolingual in Mandarin?

The Terrace Standard – Al Lehmann

“With its tolerance and variety in cultures and languages, contemporary Europe has become a model of what is culturally possible. Globalism should mean more than wearing sweatshop clothing and selling junk food in China. We need to adopt the European attitude of broadening our linguistic competence. Mandarin might be a good start.” (more)

How We Can Fix Education and the U.S. Economy, Too

Money Morning – David Zeiler

“One of the biggest threats to the future of the U.S. economy is that more and more of the U.S. workforce lacks the skills needed to fill the jobs being created in the 21st century.” (more)

‘Talking at mealtimes boosts children’s confidence’

BBC News – Judith Burns

“The National Literacy Trust’s Words for Life campaign calls on families to encourage their children’s speaking and listening skills “by taking simple steps like chatting together at mealtimes”. The trust’s director Jonathan Douglas said: “Our research shows just how vital conversation at home is to the future success of our children and young people.” (more)

Schools Need More Money, Knowledge and Technology for Common Core

Education News – Muhammad Nadeem

“Many K-12 schools are worried about meeting the requirements of new Common Core State Standards. The schools are in need of adequate IT infrastructures to successfully meet the standards, and both implementation and cost present serious challenges to districts.” (more)