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Learning a New Language Alters Brain Development

Science Daily – Betsy Hammond

“The age at which children learn a second language can have a significant bearing on the structure of their adult brain, according to a new joint study by the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital — The Neuro at McGill University and Oxford University.” (more)

More schools adopt Common Core foundation

USA Today – Antoinette Konz

Since 2010, 45 states and Washington have agreed to adopt the Common Core Standards and have agreed to test students on them by 2014-15, but implementation has been slow — until now.” (more)

New school year brings money demands

UT San Diego – Aaron Burgin

Over the past few years, U-T Watchdog has reported on a number of these issues, and has reached out to a number of experts to answer those questions and more. We have put together a guide to school funding rules and pitfalls for each kind of group:” (more)