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Red-Tape Concerns Raised on Federal High School Aid

Education Week – Michele McNeil and Alyson Klein

“A new $100 million program aimed at helping high schools better prepare students for college and high-tech careers is getting a divided reaction from advocates worried its value could be undercut by the federal strings and lengthy application form.”(more)

Cards let schools, parents keep eye on their students

USA Today – Jessica Brown

“The ZPass program, a partnership between Cincinnati Public Schools and First Student bus company, is billed as a tool to inform parents and improve ridership data. But it’s also one way schools are trying to keep tabs of their students — often to track attendance.”(more)

Coddling, Competition, and the Common Core

The Huffington Post – Wendy S. Grolnick and Kathy Seal

“We need to change the rhetoric. Rather than telling parents how the Common Core is going to help us beat out our global competitors, we must present evidence on how the standards can help parents reach their own unique goals for their children.”(more)

Get children hooked on reading at an early age: Roseman

The Star – Ellen Roseman

“Enjoying reading is fundamental to success in life, says foundation president Heather Rumball. Chances are greater that children will enjoy reading when it’s not just part of their school activities, but part of their family activities.”(more)