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Schools offer little for highly gifted students

The Orlando Sentinel – Lauren Roth

“Central Florida school districts have few options to challenge young, highly gifted children such as Spencer. Many Orange elementary schools, including the one Spencer attended, pull gifted students out for special attention for only one day a week.”(more)

Is stress fuelling rise in child obesity?

IOL Lifestyle – Staff Writer

“A study found levels of the stress hormone cortisol were almost 50 percent higher in obese boys and girls. The researchers said this could be because of the strain of being bullied.”(more)

Education officials propose extended learning

The San Francisco Chronicle – Staff Writer

“Education officials in Iowa are pushing for a pilot program that would add before- and after-school learning for students, saying such measures could boost graduation rates in the state.”(more)

Nine educated education predictions for 2014!

The Washington Post – Valerie Strauss

“Ferlazzo notes that some of his predictions below are based in genuine reality while others might fall under the category of “wishful thinking.” You can figure out which is which. Here are his nine predictions for 2014:”(more)