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Schools Looking Closely At Role Of ‘Soft Skills’ In Success

Education News – Mirabel Shanny

“In the 21st century there is a growing fear that recent graduates may not be ready for the workforce — and that reason seems to revolve around a lack of “soft skills”…“Soft skills” are described as communications, critical thinking, problem solving and concise writing…”(more)

To Grow Good Writers, Feed Them Great Literature

Asia Society – Heather Clydesdale

“How can learning Chinese help American students become adept writers?…At the 2013 National Chinese Language Conference in Boston, three experts from Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts essentially reached for the stratosphere, presenting strategies to help students use Chinese to practice and develop the craft of writing.”(more)

STEAM education movement blends art with STEM subjects

Cronkite News – Harmony Huskinson

““If you are a mathematician, if you are a scientist, if you are technologist, you are an artist because all of it has creativity,” Gergely said. “Art is creativity in any form and all forms.””(more)

Jeb Bush: Why we need school choice now

Orange County Register – Jeb Bush

“National School Choice Week, Jan. 26-Feb. 1, is more than just a proclamation. It is a call to action for one of our most cherished principles. How is it that parents have a say over every aspect of their children’s lives, yet often must delegate the critical decision of where they go to school to political boards and government bureaucracies?”(more)

Net Neutrality Path Will Have Effect On Education

Education News – Mirabel Shanny

“Chaos could be looming as a result of a recent ruling by a federal court on the Open Internet (Net Neutrality) Order…ISPs [Internet Service Providers] will be allowed to throttle delivery of services depending on how much those needing to make the delivery, the content providers, pay…for example…video for courses from the University of Phoenix or Coursera run quickly, but those from edX and your local community college run at slower speed and lower resolution.”(more)