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Why Are Girls Nervous About Math? Maybe Because Moms Are, Too.

Slate – Annie Murphy Paul

“Parents’ “own personal feelings about math are likely to influence the messages they convey about math to their children,” Gunderson notes—and kids will readily recognize if these feelings are negative. Becoming aware of our anxiety is the first step toward stopping such transmission in its tracks.”(more)

NASCAR used to help connect kids to STEM – Jennifer Franciotti

“When it comes to getting some kids interested in tough topics like science and math, it’s not always easy, but connecting it with something they like might help…Dr. Diandra Leslie Pelecky, the author of “The Physics of NASCAR,” is part of the Nifty 50 series of speakers, a group of top scientists visiting Baltimore-area schools to get students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).”(more)

Make entrepreneurship a part of education

The Journal-Sentinel – Satish Nambisan

“…if we are serious about preparing our students — the future workforce — to be innovative and entrepreneurial in solving problems, it is time for us to make entrepreneurship part of the K-18 education, i.e. Entrepreneurship + STEAM = ESTEAM.”(more)

6 Secrets Every Parent (and School) Should Know About Academic Success

The Huffington Post – Dayle Hayes, MS, RD

“You would do anything to insure your children’s academic success, right?…What you may not know is how closely connected academic success is to what kids eat and how active they are. Experts in both education and health are beginning to realize that more attention to children’s bodies will also help their brains work better.”(more)