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Bilingualism Can Help Close Learning Gaps for Immigrant Students

National Journal – Elahe Izadi

“Studies show that the brain does indeed gain cognitive benefits from being bilingual, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status…Being bilingual improves the executive functioning processes that manage things such as attention, working memory, planning, and problem-solving…There are studies showing that executive function in childhood predicts academic outcomes in a narrow sense, and broader success outcomes in life.”(more)

Families: An Essential Ingredient for Student Success and Excellent Schools

The Huffington Post – Otha Thornton

“Researchers Keith Robinson and Angel L. Harris recently released the results from a study on family engagement. The findings of the study appear to challenge the traditional view of the importance and positive impact of family engagement on children’s academic achievement. Actually, the findings highlight a lot of what is already known about effective family engagement. It’s the type of engagement that matters the most…Existing research shows that…family engagement is an essential ingredient for student success.”(more)

National Science and Engineering Festival Aims to Inspire Youths

Education Week – Erik Robelen

“Flying robot musicians. A virtual welding exhibit…These were among the attractions designed to get young people excited about STEM at the third USA Science and Engineering Festival held here this past weekend at the massive Walter E. Washington Convention Center.”(more)

Seven Ideas to Build Perseverance in Students (Part Two)

The Huffington Post – Tim Elmore

“We live in a world of speed and convenience…Unfortunately, this world…has diminished perseverance and work ethic in our kids…Singapore students are far more persistent in problem solving than U.S. students…Based on experiments done with Singapore students, let me suggest some practical steps that educators and parents can take right here at home:”(more)

Q&A with Elizabeth Yelen: Traumatized children have trouble learning. Here’s how to help

The Hechinger Report – Margaret Ramirez

“…early education providers say more funding is needed for early mental health services to prevent young children who are victims of violence from academic failure…Birth to 5 is really the most vulnerable part of brain development…the earlier you can get in and try to provide support for them and intervention…the better that would be for the child development and brain development.”(more)