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Early childhood education is more than childcare

The Reformer – Chloe Leary

“Early childhood education and childcare are not synonymous. As national and local awareness grows about the importance of the earliest years of a child’s life in creating a strong foundation for future success, it is important that we understand the difference between early childhood education and childcare.”(more)

Is The Deck Stacked Against Black Boys In America?

NPR – Juana Summers

“The numbers are grim. Black boys are more likely than white boys to live in poverty, and with a single parent. They’re also more likely to be suspended from school and land in prison, and less likely to be able to read.”(more)

New Orleans District Moves To An All-Charter System

NPR – Alan Greenblatt

“The nation’s largest experiment with charter schools is expanding. The Recovery School District, a state control board that runs most schools in New Orleans, shut down the last of its five traditional public schools this week, making it the first all-charter system in the nation.”(more)