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Mandarin’s moment

China Daily – William Hennelly

“Be it at the private Hudson Way school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side or at public schools in Kentucky, Indiana and other states, the study of Mandarin in the United States is booming. In some cases, it is replacing Spanish, French or other languages that have long been more popular in US schools.”(more)

Personal View: Early childhood education is smart choice as high-priority policy item

Crain’s Cleveland Business – PAUL CLARK and BARRY DOGGETT

“The poll found that 80% of voters ranked “making sure children get a strong start in life so they will perform better in school” as a high priority for government policy. In fact, in ranking the most urgent needs for action, voters put ensuring a strong start for children well ahead of reducing the tax burden on families, and just below the need for increasing job growth.”(more)

Education in communication, arts and science is what we need

The Las Vegas Sun – Morton Marcus

“Good education is expensive. To control costs and maintain or improve quality, today’s leading hobby is to develop and advocate plans to reform education. Many people see reform as necessary to make education the route to wealth rather than the pathway to citizenship. In this way America has departed from its origins.”(more)

The classroom is teacher’s new front line

The Las Vegas Sun – Brian Nordli

“The veterans program, which began in 2012, offers an outlet to veterans as they transition into civilian life. The recruits’ experience in the military fits well in schools, where leadership, perseverance and the ability to multitask are key, said program director and Navy veteran Sid Ellington.”(more)