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Language barriers hinder supply chain

The Strategic Sourceror – Staff Writer

“With the multitude of cultures comprising the nation, as well as American companies’ numerous business dealings with other countries, the need for a foreign language education is prominent…It’s the general expectation that new inhabitants will learn English because it’s the dominant language. However, this rule should go both ways. Native English speakers should learn a second language to improve their communication with co-workers, peers and business associates. Many of the larger corporations may conduct business overseas, but that becomes nearly impossible if employers and workers don’t learn the language…Regardless of age, acquiring the knowledge of a second language offers countless benefits…The practice can turn you into a better critical thinker, boost creativity, improve multitasking, increase cognitive function and even expand your understanding of the English language.”(more)

Pennsylvania’s Wolf Signs Anti-Cyberbullying Legislation

Education News – Jordan E. Wassell

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but words may cost you a $2,500 fine. In an attempt to curb cyber-bullying, the state of Pennsylvania has made cyber-harassment of a child a third-degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine and possible jail time. While bullying is nothing new, technology has made it easier for kids to be inundated with harassment thanks to cellphones and social media. No longer can students feel relief after leaving the school yard, as kids can be harassed on a constant basis — and it get much worse after they leave school…”(more)

It’s true: happier students get higher grades

The Conversation – Lauren Schiller & Christina Hinton

“What leads to success in school?…Researchers at Research Schools International…explored the relationship between happiness and student achievement. Are happy students more successful in school?…Our results revealed that, on average, students who reported being happier had higher grades…Our next question was, what supports students to be happy? We found that a network of supportive relationships is at the heart of happiness. Results showed that the quality of students’ relationships with teachers and peers predicted their happiness.”(more)

Survey: Profs, Kids and Employers Think HS Grads are Unprepared

Education News – Grace Smith

“Researchers have found that both university faculty and employers believe that public high schools are not preparing students for the expectations they will encounter in college and careers. In 2004, only 28% of college instructors said that schools were adequately preparing students for what comes after high school. In 2015, that measure of confidence is down to 14%, says Dian Schaffhauser, writing for The Journal.”(more)

Catch them before they fall: A summer math program aims to improve odds of success in algebra

The Hechinger Report – Nichole Dobo

“Summer school might bring to mind the dreary punishment of repeating failed courses. But a California math program uses the summer break to help students before they fall behind. The innovative summer school experience significantly boosted students’ chances of succeeding in eighth-grade algebra in the fall, according to new research. It’s not enough to ensure they will succeed in algebra – most students were still not completely prepared — but it was better than starting eighth grade in the fall without the intervention.”(more)