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Learning Languages Boosted My Career Opportunities

The Huffington Post – Steve Kaufmann

“As someone who speaks 16 languages and has had a successful business career, language learners often ask me: if I learn another language, what can I do with it? What is the relationship between languages and work or a career? The biggest benefit of speaking languages I’ve seen in my career is that it increased the opportunities that came my way. You do have to have other things working for you too, of course. You have to have other skills, like knowledge of a specific sector or market, the ability to do business and the ability to be a reliable, energetic person in any number of fields…It increases your opportunity to connect with people and understand them better. You never know which languages are going to come in handy and when.”(more)

How One Museum Is Inspiring Young Girls to Pursue STEM

Education World – Nicole Gorman

“It’s been a U.S. focus over the past decade and increasingly so in the past few years to encourage young people’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There’s just one problem. Despite the coordinated efforts, women and minorities are consistently left behind. STEM-related employment and education activity continues to increase year over year, but degrees and jobs are primarily dominated by white and Asian males…advocates have been narrowing their focus to narrow the gender gap. Their goal? Figure out how to make STEM fields more attractive to women by chipping away at layers of cultural norms that do the opposite. Such an example is the Women in Science Initiative run by the Connecticut Science Center.”(more)

4 ways to keep your kid’s brains active during the summer – Staff Writer

“School is out for the summer. Kids have spent the last nine months cramming as much knowledge as they can into their developing brains. Yet they can lose a lot of those new skills during the lull of the summertime. “There are all sorts of studies that talk about kids losing skills over the summer if they don’t continue to practice what they learned from the previous year,” said Jody Triptow, education specialist at Primary Children’s Hospital. Reading fluency and comprehension and math literacy and skills are some areas that can weaken during this time. Here are four ways to keep your children intellectually active.”(more)

5 Steps to Quickly Learning How to Speak a Foreign Language

Popsugar – Macy Williams

“Learning a language is a huge accomplishment. Some say it takes patience to master a new language, but is that really true? You can actually establish your skills in no time; it all depends on how you go about it. We’ve put together some simple tips so that you can start your crash course on the right foot. Check out these helpful hacks and get to practicing!”(more)

49ers Launch Football and STEM Academy Summer Camp Program

Forty Niners Football Company – Emily Lucas

“Last week, the San Francisco 49ers launched its Football and STEM Academy summer camp program to extend the organization’s impact on youth education about football and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts…In addition to discovering the important values of education and fitness, the camp afforded students with specially-designed activities that teach the fundamentals of football and STEM while learning how to apply important life skills such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and teamwork.”(more)