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Push problem solving in STEM education

The Grand Rapids Business Journal – Joy Ducey

“STEM — ever heard of it? I am guessing you have. The acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics is being funded and promoted at the federal level — and for good reason. As our world continues to become more complex, it is critical that we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to solve tough problems. By studying science, technology, engineering and math, we develop these skills.”(more)

5 Numbers That Explain Education in 2016

The Atlantic – Emily DeRuy

“As a writer, I generally favor words over numbers. But sometimes a good number is worth a thousand words. Or something like that. In that spirit, here are five numbers that help explain the state of education in 2016 (with a smattering of words thrown in for good measure).”(more)

Lambert: Seven tips to improve your child’s health

The Springfield News-Sun – Lori Lambert

“Are your children constantly fighting colds and flu bugs? Here are seven ways to improve your child’s health in 2017:
Maintain a routine of regular physical activity: According to the CDC, children and adolescents should complete 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Often, a child satisfies his or her needs during an average day, but consider monitoring your child’s activity for a week if you have any concerns.”(more)

Kids’ restaurant meals need slimming down: nutritionists

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Most items offered on children’s menus at major restaurant chains in the United States have too many calories, a new study finds. Fifteen child nutrition experts who were consulted for the study recommended a maximum of 300 calories in main dishes for children, such as a burger or serving of macaroni and cheese. But the average calorie counts for those items on menus at the nation’s top 200 restaurant chains were 465 and 442, respectively, according to the findings by the RAND Corp., an independent health policy research organization.”(more)

Child asthma emergency visits drop after indoor smoking bans

Medical X-Press – David Orenstein

“A new study helps to answer the burning question of whether recently enacted indoor smoking bans in public areas have improved health. The research finds the bans are associated with a 17 percent overall reduction in the number of children visiting emergency departments with asthma complaints. “Across 20 metropolitan areas that introduced clean indoor air regulations during the 2000s, fewer children were seen in the emergency rooms for asthma exacerbations,” said study senior author Theresa Shireman, a professor at the Brown University School of Public Health.”(more)