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Here’s How To Get Kids To Stop Saying They Hate Math

Good Education – Christopher Rakes

“Despite decades of reform efforts, mathematics teaching in the U.S. has changed little in the last century. As a result, it seems, American students have been left behind, now ranking 40th in the world in math literacy. Several state and national reform efforts have tried to improve things. The most recent Common Core standards had a great deal of promise with their focus on how to teach mathematics, but after several years, it seems changes in teaching practices have been minimal.”(more)

Summer Reading For The College-Bound

NPR – Julie Depenbrock

“Luckily, she and other Duke freshmen have a built-in conversation starter: the reading they’ve all been assigned — Richard Blanco’s Prince of Los Cocuyos. “I’m excited about it. It gives us something extra to talk about — common ground we might not otherwise have,” says Catrett. And that’s what many colleges and universities across the country are going for. Schools often call it their common reading program; some are just for freshmen, and for others, the entire campus or local community joins in.”(more)

The Real Reason Students Shouldn’t Sit In Class

The Huffington Post – Laura Flores Shaw

“A recent article in the New York Times discussed why children should be given opportunities for movement during class. I wholeheartedly agree with this proposition – but not for the reasons stated. Movement is far more important than a means to enable children to attentively sit for long periods of time. Educators (and parents) need to understand that the need for movement goes beyond the value of aerobic exercise as cognitive and motor development are intertwined.”(more)

How to Design a School That Prioritizes Kindness and Caring

KQED News Mind/Shift – Linda Flanagan

“Countless schools across the nation strive to make character a feature of education. Whether through classes on social-emotional learning, mindfulness exercises or reminders about the virtues of gratitude, thousands of students are exposed to messages that deplore cheating and bullying and celebrate kindness and consideration. In spite of the lecturing, however, 51 percent of high school kids owned up to cheating on exams, according to the Josephson Institute. Another 62 percent believe that teachers value academic achievement over kindness to others.”(more)

‘I don’t know how to lead for equity; that was not part of my program’

Education Dive – Autumn A. Arnett

“Equity took center stage in the day two conversations at the Education Commission of the States National Forum on Education Policy Thursday. One resonant statement reflected how principal preparation programs didn’t include equity components, meaning that now leaders are struggling to approach their work through an equity lens. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education President Joe Garcia — who shared with the audience that his school counselors never once mentioned to him the idea of his going to college— said working harder to close achievement gaps from early education on through to higher ed is everyone’s work.”(more)