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Learning Chinese now more appealing to youngsters worldwide

The GB Times – Chi Dehua

“This summer, 145 representatives from 112 countries arrived in China to participate in the annual Chinese language competition: the Chinese Bridge. They were selected from regional contests based on their proficiency in the language and insight into the country’s culture. In addition to enjoying the needle of competition, contestants were given the opportunity to tour the country’s renowned scenic spots and visit tech companies during their one-month stay. The overall winners were also offered full scholarships by the Confucius Institute’s headquarters so that they could return to China and further their studies. The large-scale event echoed the ‘Chinese fever’ phenomenon currently sweeping the globe. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the number of foreigners learning Chinese has grown from 30 million in 2005 to 100 million currently, with more than 60 countries now offering Chinese as part of their national education system.”(more)

Secret Finding from PDK Poll: Support for Vouchers is Rising

Education Next – Paul E. Peterson

“The just released PDK survey of U. S. adults reveals an upward shift in public support for vouchers of 10 percentage points over the past four years, with 8 of those percentage points gained since 2015. Meanwhile, voucher opposition fell by 18 percentage points over this same four-year time period. Although this finding is not reported by PDK in this year’s analysis of its findings, it emerges sharp and clear if one takes a close look at earlier PDK poll results.”(more)

Adding Spark to Classrooms in the New School Year With Decorations

Education World – Joel Stice

“Students are not the only ones excited about starting the new school year off with some new style. Teachers across the country are getting in on the action and giving their classrooms a design update to help welcome students back. Newly decorated classrooms help to visually stimulate students’ minds and help usher them in with enthusiasm for learning in a fresh and comfortable classroom environment.”(more)

Making STEM Equitable With Beautiful Ideas, Affordable Projects and Serious Play

Ed Surge – Bruce Anderson

“One of Haynor’s favorite projects—combining learning, affordability and “super fun”—is the Strobe Goggles. “It’s a fun way of mixing the notions of goofiness and fashion with principles of light and persistence of vision, which is what makes it all work,” he explains. “This project started at the Mission Science Workshop, and what we were exploring is how you view things that oscillate or repeat. We were looking at guitar strings and the way they wobble. You can do some amazing things when you put a strobe light on guitar strings and you can see these amazing wave patterns emerge that would be impossible to see otherwise.” So Haynor went looking for a way to create a fun, stylish, and inexpensive tool that might give every student access to the strobe effect.”(more)

Study recommends three policies to improve children’s language development

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

“Bilingual children from low-income homes are at greater risk of falling behind their peers in developing the appropriate language skills for their age group, leading to poorer academic achievement over time. A new article addresses how inequality impacts children’s language development and details policies that can intervene. This research is out today in Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.”(more)