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How To Raise Kids Who Care About The Environment

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

“In today’s divisive and often frightening political climate, many parents hope to raise a younger generation that will lead the world with more care and compassion. In honor of Earth Day on Sunday, we asked parents and conservationists for their advice on raising kids who care about the planet.” (more)

What Counts as School Choice in New Study of Short- and Long-Term Outcomes?

Education Next – Michael J. Petrilli

“The AEI paper focuses on a specific question: Is there is a disconnect for school choice programs when it comes to their impact on student test scores versus their impact on student attainment outcomes, namely high school graduation, college entrance, and college graduation rates? It claims to find such a disconnect. As the authors put it, “A school choice program’s impact on test scores is a weak predictor of its impacts on longer-term outcomes.” But read the fine print because this conclusion follows from two big decisions the authors made, both of which are highly debatable. Had they gone the other way, the results would show an overwhelmingly positive relationship between short-term test score changes and long-term outcomes.” (more)

How A Culture of Improvement Goes Hand in Hand With Coaching Teachers

KQED News Mind/Shift – Katrina Schwartz

“Helping high school students with only basic English improve their speaking, writing and listening skills requires that language be a focus of every content area. The ENLACE Academy at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts serves students who have been in the country only a few years and are just beginning to learn the language. English and content are the twin goals of every lesson. “Coaching is a big part of what we do here because our mission and our model is really about building language through content,” said Allison Balter, principal of ENLACE Academy.” (more)

Child poverty drops in California, but is still the nation’s highest

Ed Source – Carolyn Jones

“California’s booming economy has led to a slight drop in the child poverty rate, but the state still has the highest rate in the country when the cost of living is taken into account, according to new data released by Kidsdata and the Public Policy Institute of California. An average of 22.8 percent — or 2 million — of California’s children lived below the poverty threshold in 2013-15, which is $30,000 a year for a family of four, according to the data released this week. The number is down from 24.4 percent in 2011-13.” (more)

Administrators and researchers forge strong partnerships to improve schools

Education Dive – Linda Jacobson

“There’s no shortage of education research, as the annual gathering of over 15,000 education researchers in New York City earlier this week for the American Educational Research Association’s conference demonstrates. But that doesn’t mean that researchers are always answering the questions teachers and school leaders are asking about their students.” (more)