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3 Tips For Introducing Competency-Based Learning Into K-12

Ed Surge – Mary Jo Madda

“Competency-based learning (CBL) refers to the notion of allowing learners to acquire credits based on goals they hit rather than the amount of time they spend in a chair, affectionately referred to as “seat time.” Yet while the spread of CBL has gained some momentum and popularity over the last few years, there are a number of roadblocks that schools, districts and states still face when attempting to move away from the “seat time” concept. To help ease the stress of introducing competency-based learning into a new environment, EdSurge chatted with a few educators and researchers on the iNACOL floor to hear their tips and tricks for making the push for CBL—and likely any blended or personalized learning program, as well—all the more successful.”(more)

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