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5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Child Another Language

The Huffington Post – Chontelle Bonfiglio

“My children who are almost three and five are bilingual. We live in Italy and they speak English and Italian to a native level for their ages. They have been learning Spanish for the past year and a half spending a few afternoons a week with a native Spanish speaker. Neither my husband nor I speak Spanish very well. My eldest can hold a good conversation though, while my little one understands a lot and can speak the basics. We also have fun learning bits and pieces from other languages. Before having children, I lived in many other countries and learned the basics of a few different languages. Sometimes I teach my kids a few words here and they love it. We recently introduced Mandarin, and hope that the language will spark interest in my children on a more serious note. Neither my husband nor I speak Mandarin, but we hope to learn a little along with our kids.”(more)

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