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5 Ways Tech Might Be Eroding Your Kids’ Manners, Empathy And More

The Huffington Post – Sierra Filucci

“You started with the best intentions. Your kid needed a laptop for homework. Your tween needed a phone to text you after school. You wanted a Fitbit to lose a few extra pounds. But now, you look around and devices are plugged into every nook and cranny in your home. Everyone’s staring, tapping, tracking. While you’re grateful for things like Google Maps and Netflix that make your life easier and more fun, something feels off. It’s the basics that are missing: courtesy, conversation, being bored and appreciating simple pleasures. But all hope is not lost. You may have to take another look at how your family is using tech and make adjustments based on your values. But you can do it. Here are five ways tech has nibbled away at valuable life skills and experiences, and what you can do about it.”(more)

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