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Monday, September 1, 2014

4 ways to increase your salary potential

USA Today – Erika Rawes

“How much money do you earn each year? As of 2013, Labor Statistics report the median annual earnings for someone with less than a high school diploma at $24,544, while someone with a professional degree earned $89,128. Everyone else fell somewhere in between.” (more)

5 Healthy Back-to-School Tips

The Huffington Post – Dr. Lisa Young

“With summer coming to a close, next week is back to school for most kids. It is also a great opportunity to create new healthy habits for your kids and for the entire family. As a nutritionist counseling families and children, here are some simple tips to get you and your family off to a healthy start.” (more)

Massachusetts has better schools than us? Maybe not.

The Washington Post – Jay Mathews

“But in one important respect, the Bay State lags behind, particularly when compared with Washington-area schools. Its most affluent public high schools do a poor job giving average students a chance to prepare for college, a fact school evaluators usually ignore. Few people in Massachusetts know how little their schools challenge average kids, just as few people in the Washington area know how well their schools do on that front.” (more)

How to be good at going to school: Mallick

The Star – Heather Mallick

“Read everything you’re given, and more. Reading makes your brain expand, it gives you a storehouse that you will draw on for the rest of your life. Think of your brain as a cow. Feed it grass and grain. Milk that thing.” (more)

Back to School: Looking beyond the 3 R’s

The Star – Louise Brown

“In a startling move, educators across Canada are about to tackle this – develop objective ways to actually measure how well a school promotes creativity, social skills, citizenship, a positive school climate and students’ physical and mental health.” (more)

US Says Oklahoma Schools Not Meeting Standards


“Oklahoma is losing its independence to decide the best way to spend about $29 million in federal dollars to improve how students perform in its public schools, education officials said Thursday.” (more)

California Legislature passes stiffest U.S. bill to protect K-12 students’ online data

The Mercury News – Sharon Noguchi

“Trying to protect children from marketers, identity thieves and predators, California could establish the nation’s toughest protections of student privacy and forbid the sale and disclosure of schools’ online student data.” (more)

Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can’t Afford

NPR – Becky Vevea

“Two years ago, the Chicago Public Schools budgeted for 454 librarians. Last year, the budget called for 313 librarians, and now that number is down to 254.” (more)

Children’s charities urged to open free schools

BBC – Sean Coughlan

“Charities campaigning against child poverty should be encouraged to set up their own free schools, a think tank report says.” (more)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How important is informal learning?

E-School News – Heidi Stevens

“Learning is changing. It is moving from a primarily school-based, formal process to include more informal opportunities. Learning is just as likely to occur among a group of students at a coffee shop or at a museum as it is within a virtual group on a social network.” (more)