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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Research shows parents can help close the word gap in early childhood education

FOX 4 KC – John Pepitone

“Research shows that children in poor families hear about 30 million fewer words by the time they turn three, than similar kids from more well-to-do households. And that word gap often results in an achievement gap for those kids, both in school and throughout their lives.” (more)

Having two languages a boost to brainpower

The Australian – Bernard Lane

“LIKE many migrants, Ruying Qi had to choose a language with which to raise her children. Would it be new country English or the Chinese of her homeland?.” (more)

What teachers wish parents would do to help kids succeed in school

Oregon Live – Kjerstin Gabrielson

“With that fifth-grade teacher’s wisdom in mind, The Omamas decided to seek out other teachers’ advice to parents for the school year ahead. We asked, What do you wish parents would do to help children and teens succeed in school? Here are their answers.” (more)

Back to school: 10 things to do right now to save your sanity in the school year

Oregon Live – Helen Jung

“That said,here are 10 ideas that hopefully will keep those episodes to a minimum. And help your fellow parents! Add your own suggestions in the comments!.” (more)

Got skills?

The Economist – Staff Writer

“FOR decades vocational education has suffered from the twin curses of low status and limited innovation. Politicians have equated higher education with traditional universities of the sort that they themselves attended. Parents have steered children away from “shop class”. And vocational studies have been left to languish: the detritus of an industrial era rather than the handmaiden of a new economy.” (more)

Fixing Our National Writing Crisis From the Foundation Up

The Huffington Post – Steve Graham

“Our nation faces a writing crisis. And unless we fix it, we risk a generation of Americans ill prepared for work and society.” (more)

7 Things a Quiet Student Wishes Their Teacher Understood

The Huffington Post – Marsha Pinto

“The long held friction between teachers and students is one that has lasted for generations, with both sides frantically pointing fingers at each other’s faults. There is the one side with teachers attempting to understand and correct their students behavior and the other side where students continue to grumble about how their teachers “just don’t get them’.” (more)

Will learning coding boost kids’ college, career prospects?

E-School News – Staff Writer

“As the coding craze continues, many wonder how, exactly, these skills will help today’s students.” (more)

Is Google’s Free Software A Good Deal For Educators?

NPR – Any Kamenetz

“And the Chromebook is just the beginning. Already, Google Apps for Education claims 30 million active users around the world. The free, web-based software works on any device and allows teachers and students to use Gmail with their own .edu address.” (more)

Los Angeles schools official suspends iPad rollout: L.A. Times

Reuters – Staff Writer

“The Los Angeles schools superintendent has suspended a contract with Apple Inc to provide an iPad to each of its students as the $1 billion initiative faces problems and growing scrutiny, the Los Angeles Times newspaper reported.” (more)