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Saturday, September 20, 2014

EDITORIAL: Give a boost to early childhood education and everyone benefits

The Fresno Bee – Editorial

“In our Eye on Education special report, a wide array of educators are big boosters of early childhood education. They see the outcomes every day, and it is clear to them which little ones are set up for success the moment they set foot in the classroom. Other children are lost, insecure and confused from the get-go, and many of those unprepared students never catch up. We want every child to have confidence that school is a journey designed for them. It is a place they can learn to master their world, experience success and enjoy friendships that may last a lifetime.” (more)

Jim Yovino: Early education puts children on track to academic success

The Fresno Bee – Jim Yovino

” When we think of early care and education, a classroom setting naturally comes to mind. Most of us recall our days as an elementary school child learning our ABCs, 123s and coloring happily outside of the lines. It’s an idyllic image, the kind we all hope our children will experience.” (more)

Students learn coping strategies for back-to-school stress

The Sacramento Bee – Sammy Caiola

“Anxiety can be like a Chinese finger trap. Try to break free with panicky pulls and it’ll just get worse. But approach it with a calm mind and a bit of patience and you’ll be out in no time.” (more)

Dale Schlundt: Learning History’s Modern Day Relevance

Education News – Dale Schlundt

“In the study of history we ask the question, “What are the catalysts?” In other words, what are the motivators the make events happen?.” (more)

Is Character Education the Answer?

Education Next – Laurence Steinberg

“Over the last few years, there has been a growing awareness of the need to incorporate character development into school curricula, and various efforts to do so have received wide attention. Perhaps the best-known effort is the Knowledge Is Power Program, or KIPP, which has been implemented in close to 150 charter schools across the country.” (more)

How California Superintendents Can Bust Through Policies to Implement Blended Learning

Education Next – Michael B. Horn

“Over the past several years, I have presented at several meetings of California’s Santa Clara County superintendents about blended learning and its potential to create schools that can personalize learning for each student to help each succeed.” (more)

Where Common Core Is Not Controversial

Education Next – Robert Pondiscio

“For over a year, I’ve been encouraging Common Core advocates to stop endlessly re-litigating the standards and instead to focus on getting implementation right. Taking my own advice last week, I traveled to Reno to see first-hand the work of the Core Task Project, the initiative driving implementation of the standards in Washoe County, Nevada.” (more)

Don’t overlook your school librarian, they’re the unsung heroes of literacy

The Guardian – Sally Dring

“When talking about teaching and learning, most people don’t immediately think of librarians. But in a school where the librarian or learning resource centre manager is valued and properly made use of, we can teach important skills.” (more)

Rethinking A Fall Classic: The Parent-Teacher Conference

NPR – Patricia Willens

“In New York City this fall, the schools are trying to make these meetings richer and more productive. The first step is increasing the number of conferences each year from two to four.” (more)

10 Places Millennials Are Moving For Bigger Paychecks

Time – Donna Rosato

“Over the past five years, Gen Yers have decamped for some surprisingly pricey cities in search of a higher-paying job.” (more)