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Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama to Report Widening of Initiative for Black and Latino Boys

The New York Times – Mokoto Rich

“President Obama will announce on Monday that 60 of the nation’s largest school districts are joining his initiative to improve the educational futures of young African-American and Hispanic boys, beginning in preschool and extending through high school graduation.” (more)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Experts push early education for poor kids — pre-K may be too late

The Orlando Sentinel – Kate Santich

“For Florida’s 1 million children growing up in poverty, kindergarten — and even pre-K — is too late to start giving them the help many will need to grow into capable, productive adults.” (more)

Four Lessons From Early Education

Education Week – Joan Wasser Gish

“Many in K-12 schooling want change and are scouring the learning landscape for thoughtful guidance. They might be surprised to find important lessons from an unexpected source: early-childhood education.” (more)

Democratic, Republican Voters Want More Preschool, And They Want It Now

The Huffington Post – Rebecca Klein

“Both Democratic and Republican voters want more of an investment in early childhood education, and they want it now, according to a new national poll.” (more)

Teachers Turn to Crowdfunding to Open Preschools

Time – Staff Writer

“Teachers and parents in Chicago are turning to crowdsourced online funding to open preschools.” (more)

A Parent Answering a Call for Pre-K Teachers Goes Back to Work (and School)

The New York Times – Rachel L. Swarns

“This summer, Ms. Martino is guiding a phalanx of 4-year-olds as they dash through sprinklers and navigate the complex social universe that is summer camp in Glendale, Queens. To the children and parents, she is simply Miss Lisa, a group leader who tames the unruly buckles of wayward water shoes and tells engrossing stories about sharks and giants.” (more)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Four Lessons From Early Education

Education Week – Joan Wasser Gish

“Here are four lessons that elementary and secondary education could draw from the early-childhood sector as leaders seek to…reimagine schools capable of helping all children attain the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century economy and society.” (more)

Early education should be integral part of elementary schools, foundation says

The Washington Post – Michael Alison Chandler

“Preschool programs should be integral parts of elementary schools with comparable funding levels and school hours; child-care professionals should be trained as teachers, not babysitters; and state data systems should include information about early education, according to a blueprint for speeding up improvements in early education.” (more)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Poll: 70 percent of voters support federal preschool expansion

The Washington Post – Michael Alison Chandler

“Seven in 10 voters, including six in 10 Republicans, support a plan for the federal government to expand quality early childhood programs for low- and middle-income families, according to a national poll sponsored by the First Five Years Fund, an advocacy group.” (more)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coaching parents on toddler talk to address low-income word gap

PBS – Judy Woodruff et al.

“By age four, toddlers in low-income families hear 30 million fewer words than those in high-income families, according to researchers. As a result, these children tend to have smaller vocabularies and fall behind in reading. Special correspondent John Tulenko of Learning Matters reports on one program in Providence, Rhode Island, that gets low-income parents talking more to their toddlers.” (more)