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Saturday, April 19, 2014

How early is too early for education?

Wicked Local – Lane Anderson

“Early childhood education – from infancy – can can have striking improvements on success and lifelong health.”(more)

Survey: Link Between Strong Schools, Teachers, Students Undeniable

Education News – Grace Smith

“Students who ho believed that their schools are “committed to building students’ strengths” and who “have a teacher who makes them excited about the future” are almost “30 times as likely to be engaged learners as their peers who strongly disagree with both statements,” according to Gallup’s recently-released The State of America’s Schools: The Path to Winning Again in Education.”(more)

How Everything We Know About Early Childhood Has Changed Since Head Start Was Founded

The National Journal – Janell Ross and Amy Sullivan

“It seems clear that the most effective efforts to help low-income children get an early start go beyond teaching numbers and letters—they involve the family, community, everything.”(more)

Why 5-Year-Old Kids Can Do Algebra

ABC News – Lee Dye

“Preschoolers can do basic algebra — and we do mean very basic — through gut instincts that we share with a lot of other animals, but by the time we get fully involved in the educational process algebra will become a lot more difficult.”(more)

The Best Job in America Isn’t One Most High Schoolers Dream About

Policy Mic – Tom McKay

“Sorry, teens. It looks like the best job in America is one you probably won’t like very much: being a mathematician. But you might want to reconsider. Jobs site CareerCast crunched some numbers and found that with a median U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics-estimated salary of $101,360 and expected 23% growth in the field by 2022, ‘careers in mathematics are diverse and rewarding’.”(more)

Lego, National Instruments Promote ‘Hands-On’ STEM Education

U.S. News – Alan Neuhauser

“Lego, the toy-block behemoth, has worked with National Instruments for nearly 20 years to bring more hands-on learning to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. By using National Instruments software that’s based on the same LabVIEW program used by engineers across the country and harnessing it to program Lego robots, students can hone their reasoning skills through creative problem-solving, rather than relying on rote memorization, dry textbooks and staid lectures.”(more)

Missouri considers state funds to school districts for preschool

The Kansas City Star – Chris Blank

” Missouri lawmakers are moving to put more of the state’s money where their mouths are in supporting preschool and early childhood programs.”(more)

New SAT: What will those questions look like?

The Star-Telegram – Kimberly Hefling

“Calculate the foreign exchange rate a vacationing American would pay in India. Estimate from a random sample the number of 18- to 34-year olds who voted for a candidate. These are sample questions from the newly redesigned SAT, which aims for more real-world applications and analysis from students.”(more)

Let public charter schools succeed: Column

USA Today – Neerav Kingsland and Richard Whitmire

“In Louisiana, the state has transformed the chronically underperforming New Orleans school system by developing the nation’s first charter school district. In New Orleans, 91% of students, nearly all minorities, attend charter schools. And results have followed.”(more)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Better Way to Say Sorry

cuppacocoa – JoEllen

““Say sorry to your brother.” “But he’s the one who–” “Say it!” you insist, an edge of warning in your voice…This scenario might sound all too familiar…It’s easy to see how it isn’t always that effective…But what alternative do you have? It’s not like you can force a genuine apology and repentant heart out of him, right? Actually, you can. It’s not 100%, but it’s a lot more % than the scenario you read above…Try it on your own kids sometime…you won’t be sorry!”(more)