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Friday, April 18, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Bainbridge Island Review – Dale Perry

“The research findings state that Second Language study benefits academic progress in other subjects, narrows achievement gaps, benefits basic skills development, benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking, enriches and enhances cognitive development, enhances a student’s sense of achievement, helps students score higher on standardized tests, promotes cultural awareness and competency, improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment, enhances career opportunities, and benefits understanding and security in community and society.”(more)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Seven things kids need to read better (and raising standards isn’t one of them)

The Washington Post – Valerie Strauss

“As the nation begins to roll out Common Core tests, demanding that children read at high levels of complexity, when we find out that they can’t, what are we going to do about it? Assign teachers a poor rating and fire them? Shut down the schools and replace them with new ones? Or are we going to acknowledge that if our students are going to learn to read, they are first going to need the conditions in which reading can be learned? And those conditions require resources, both material and personal:”(more)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gifted Ed. Is Crucial, But the Label Isn’t

Education Week – Scott J. Peters, Scott Barry Kaufman, Michael S. Matthews, Matthew T. McBee, D. Betsy McCoach

“The time has come to create K-12 models that consider how to properly challenge all students who—at any point in time—are ready for more advanced curricula; not just those we deem “gifted”…”(more)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The importance of dual language immersion programs

Voxxi- John Benson

“The reason why bilingual education programs produce higher-achieving students has to do with cognitive benefits such as enhanced understanding of mathematics, creativity and selective retention.”(more)

Cooking and Learning Spanish with Kids: A Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe!

Babble – Mari Hernandez-Tuten

“Cooking with my kids gives our familia so many opportunities to connect, and for some reason, they are much more motivated to eat what they’ve made themselves! As of late, I’ve decided to take advantage of our cooking time by making it educational and adding a bilingual component to it which helps build positive and practical associations with Spanish.”(more)

Infants ‘unable to use toy building blocks’ due to iPad addiction

The Telegraph – Graeme Paton

“The Association of Teachers and Lecturers warn that rising numbers of children are unable to perform simple tasks such as using building blocks because of overexposure to iPads.”(more)

Beyond the Maker Movement: How the ChangeMakers Are the Future of Education

Singularity Hub – Libby Falk

“In Silicon Valley, there’s a lot of talk about The Maker Movement. After all, over 195,000 people attended Maker Faire events around the world last year alone. Makers are tech-savvy tinkerers. They build robots, program light installations and hack everything from code to IKEA furniture. From Boston to Beirut, community-based makerspaces are popping up in libraries, schools, shipping containers and buses as part of a revolution that has people returning to their workshops and building with their hands.”(more)

Parents hold a key to kids’ success in education: Opinion

NJ.com – Larry D. Bernstein

“In many households, homework time can be a battle. A child is not interested in doing work after his school day. The parent simply wants the work done to know that the child is handling his responsibilities and learning.”(more)

Meeting the STEM challenge in K-12 education

Progress Index – Krishan M. Agrawal, Ph.D

“STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a relatively new education option; it combines the existing curriculum with current technological advances and research in science and engineering. Record shows that such a combination increases the employment opportunities available to an otherwise “average” student to the level of an “above average” student’s.”(more)

Families have less time together, teachers warn

BBC – Katherine Sellgren

“Family life is under growing strain as parents have to put work before their children, a survey of teachers finds.”(more)