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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

COLUMN-Maths and science are increasingly critical to career success: Kemp

Reuters – John Kemp

“More than 30 of the 50 best-paid occupations in the United States require graduate or postgraduate training in STEM subjects, including medical sciences, according to pay data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of its annual survey of Occupational Employment and Wages.” (more)

Why language learners don’t have to miss the punchline

The Guardian – Matthew Jenkin

“Humour can help you get to grips with another language – even if this just means laughing at your own mispronunciations.” (more)

Economic Worries Loom as UK Foreign Language Skills Lag

Education News – Grace Smith

“Studying French, German, or any foreign language has dropped to a record low in the UK, writes Graeme Paton of The Daily Telegraph. Paton says the number of A-levels in traditionally popular foreign languages has halved in the past 10 years, among other troubling statistics:.” (more)

Prepping students with autism for life after K-12

E-School – Laura Devaney

“Transitioning to higher education or the workforce is a challenge for most K-12 students, but it can be more challenging for students with autism as they learn to navigate new environments.” (more)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Sending Your Child to Private School Can Save You $53,000

Time – Jacob Davidson

“Public school can end up being much more expensive than private school depending on where you choose to live.” (more)

3 Financial Firsts All Parents Should Prepare Their Children For

The Huffington Post – Andrew Plepler

“As parents, some of our greatest joys come from witnessing those “first-time” milestones in our children’s lives. I’m experiencing one right now: My daughter is buying her first car. All she can think about is hanging out with her friends. Meanwhile, I’m thinking this is a great time for the two of us to talk about the financial responsibility that comes with car payments, auto insurance and ever-increasing gas prices.” (more)

YA Lit And The Gender Gap in Education

The Huffington Post – Julie Drew

“More teens than ever before are reading fiction outside of school assignments, and half of adolescents surveyed say “they read books to ‘help you figure out who you are and who you could become.’” Young adults want to read — will read and are reading — good stories told well, fiction that speaks to their current young lives and that helps them to imagine how they could and should act upon the world as adults.” (more)

How to teach … financial literacy

The Guardian – Emily Drabble

“As of next month maths and citizenship teachers will need to tackle financial education, so we’ve gathered the best resources on money matters for the classroom.” (more)

UK Study Suggests 6-Year-Olds More Tech-Savvy Than Adults

Education News- Kristin DeCarr

“A new study from UK’s Ofcom suggests that 6-year-old children have a greater understanding of technology than the average 45-year-old adult.” (more)

No Common Opinion on the Common Core

Education Week – Michael B. Henderson, Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West

“On most policy questions, public opinion changes slowly, if at all. But when new issues arise, important shifts can occur before opinion sorts itself into settled patterns. And, on occasion, critical events can jar opinion from settled patterns into a new equilibrium..” (more)