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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get the stats on STEM vs. STEAM

E-School News – Laura Devaney

“STEM-STEAMSTEM education is, by now, familiar to educators and parents across the country. Without STEM knowledge, students won’t be well-prepared to enter college and the workforce. But some are hoping that STEAM education, which includes the arts, will receive more support in classrooms.” (more)

Commentary: Early childhood education boosts economic, social mobility

The Palm Beach Post – Cressman Bronson

“One of the earliest indicators of a child’s future success is the number of words he or she hears prior to kindergarten. Language development begins with the interplay of words between the parent and child and helps nurture vocabulary, which is considered the building block of education. The frequency and richness of natural conversation in a child’s first years plays a key role in development.” (more)

Primary school language lessons not translating to secondaries

The Guardian – Anna Bawden

“Lack of co-ordination between primary schools means secondary pupils can start with totally different linguistic skills.” (more)

Are our children too busy to be creative?

The Star – Daniel Baird

“While the skills instilled by teachers are crucial, in many ways taking time simply to let one’s mind wander in no direction in particular is equally important.” (more)

Full-day kindergarten impacts Grades 1, 2

The Star – Kristin Rushowy

“Ontario kindergarten students are so ahead in their learning that it’s prompting school boards to revisit the curriculum for subsequent grades.” (more)

Is Arne Duncan’s Teacher Evaluation Moratorium Unnecessary?

Education Next – Chad Aldeman and Carolyn Chuong

“In his back-to-school speech, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan praised several states for their progress in developing new teacher evaluation systems. In noting that too much testing can “rob school buildings of joy, and cause unnecessary stress,” Secretary Duncan called for states to postpone using test results to evaluate teachers for one school year.” (more)

Public School Groups Sue to Limit Public’s Educational Options

Education Next – Andrew Coulson

“Last week, Florida’s state school establishment sued to kill an education tax credit program that benefits 60,000 low income, mostly black and Hispanic children. The credits cut taxes on businesses that donate to non-profit scholarship organizations, and those organizations help needy families who want to send their children to private schools.” (more)

BBC begins kids coding push with Bitesize and TV shows

BBC – Leo Kelion

“The BBC has published computer programming study guides, quizzes and other support materials on its Bitesize site to coincide with the new computing curriculum’s introduction in England.” (more)

Oregon has one of nation’s worst school absenteeism rates, contributing to mediocre reading and math skills, study says

Oregon Live – Betsy Hammond

“A new study of school attendance in all 50 states confirms that Oregon has one of the nation’s worst chronic absenteeism problems — and that is contributing to the state’s mediocre levels of reading and math achievement.” (more)

Analysis finds California students attend school more than U.S. peers

The L.A. Times – Teresa Watanabe

“California students attend school more consistently than most of their U.S. peers, and such attendance directly relates to better performance on national math and reading tests, a new analysis has found.” (more)