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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language Is the Opposite of the Usual Way

Forbes – Katharine B. Nielson

“Helping Americans move beyond English should be a top priority, but we won’t see the outcomes we need until we abandon approaches that don’t work….in recent years a popular language teaching methodology has grown up in many countries…The idea: Use foreign languages to teach non-language subjects. Early research indicates that this is effective at fostering an environment that leads to impressive language learning.”(more)

Finn: Being bilingual offers more benefits than disadvantages

Iowa State Daily – Taylor Finn

“Countries all around the world such as China, Germany and many others begin to teach children a second language as soon as elementary school. Here in America, however, policy makers don’t realize the benefits of learning a second language. They seem to have the mindset that if the rest of the world is speaking English than what need is there for Americans to learn anything else? Unfortunately, this mindset holds us back from becoming better citizens and gaining skills along the way.”(more)

Friday, April 18, 2014

How Learning An Additional Language Could Influence Your Business

Forbes – Cheryl Conner

“To be successful, international businesses (which is pretty much all of us these days, as foreign trade has become a substantial component of the U.S. economy) need to adapt to the needs of foreign clients as well as to communicate with foreign partners effectively…Nearly 80% of business leaders surveyed believe their overall business would increase notably if they had more internationally competent employees on staff…”(more)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Bainbridge Island Review – Dale Perry

“The research findings state that Second Language study benefits academic progress in other subjects, narrows achievement gaps, benefits basic skills development, benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking, enriches and enhances cognitive development, enhances a student’s sense of achievement, helps students score higher on standardized tests, promotes cultural awareness and competency, improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment, enhances career opportunities, and benefits understanding and security in community and society.”(more)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learning A Language Is For Life, Not Just For Business

Forbes – Nick Morrison

“The ability to speak another language is seen as crucial to success in a globalized economy but advocating learning languages based on their usefulness is flawed…Rather than seeing language acquisition solely as a passport to success in business, we should see it as a way of connecting with other cultures…It opens our eyes, broadens our horizons and gives us an insight into other people’s lives…Knowledge of another language enriches us far beyond helping us get rich.”(more)

The bilingual brain is more nimble and efficient

The Irish Times – William Reville

“…research is increasingly showing that, if you know two or more languages, your brain is better than those who know just one language. Multilingual people are better at reasoning, multitasking, reconciling conflicting ideas. They work faster, with less effort, and retain their cognitive faculties better as they age.”(more)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

B-schools use Mandarin mantra for global success

Hindustan Times – Apoorva Puranik

““China is a growing market and will soon become the most dominant global economy. For management students, knowing English and Mandarin means they can communicate with half the world’s population,” said Bala V Balachandran, founder of the Great Lakes Institute of Management. “Knowledge of Mandarin puts students at a great advantage.””(more)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The importance of dual language immersion programs

Voxxi- John Benson

“The reason why bilingual education programs produce higher-achieving students has to do with cognitive benefits such as enhanced understanding of mathematics, creativity and selective retention.”(more)

Cooking and Learning Spanish with Kids: A Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe!

Babble – Mari Hernandez-Tuten

“Cooking with my kids gives our familia so many opportunities to connect, and for some reason, they are much more motivated to eat what they’ve made themselves! As of late, I’ve decided to take advantage of our cooking time by making it educational and adding a bilingual component to it which helps build positive and practical associations with Spanish.”(more)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It’s a mistake to cut back on foreign language

The Citizen-Press – Lilly Brown

“Recently, administrators for the Iowa City Community School District announced plans to make budget cuts to avoid going into deficit spending for the next fiscal year. Many programs, classes and educational activities will be affected by the decision. And although all of the programs affected are important to our education, the elimination of German and seventh-grade foreign language is completely unacceptable.”(more)