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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Citizen science in schools boosts pupil engagement and saves the environment

The Guardian – Matthew Jenkin

“Scientists are increasingly using research based on data collected by school students to explore humanity’s impact on the planet…Taking part in a research engages students in science, and raises awareness about environmental issues.” (more)

What are the 100 books that your child should not miss?

The Christian Science Monitor – Molly Driscoll

“Amazon has released a new version of its “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime,” this one centered on children’s books.” (more)

More Africans Are Settling in China

Voice of America News – Staff Writer

“Growing relations between Africa and China have led to an influx of Chinese migrants in Africa and a growing number of Africans moving to China…Most Africans used to return home after their studies or doing business in China, now a growing number of them want to stay.” (more)

Investments in Young Children Last a Lifetime

Education Week – Cindy Heine

“After years of working on behalf of better schools, I have a ready answer when people ask my opinion about the most important thing we can do to improve education outcomes: invest in quality early childhood programs. Pre-birth through kindergarten is the most critical time for children to develop socially and emotionally and to establish learning patterns for school and work.” (more)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bilingual parents: Talking to your child in your native language makes it easier for them to learn English

The Deseret News – Emily Hales

“Parents who worry that speaking their native language at home will disrupt their child’s ability to learn English have nothing to fear.” (more)

Risky play and skinned knees are key to healthy child development

The Star – Andrea Gordon

“Here’s what kids at play have always liked to do: Race, climb, wrestle, hang, throw, balance, fence with sticks, jump from heights and gravitate toward sharp objects. Ideally, while escaping the watchful eye of grown-ups.” (more)

Breaking language and digital barriers in bilingual education

E-School – Lisa Driscoll

“Bilingual education models attempt to address the language barrier between English Language Learners (ELL) and native English-speaking students. One school has found that technology can help bridge that gap.” (more)

Teacher Tenure Lawsuits Spread From California To New York

NPR – Beth Fertig, Anya Kamenetz, and Claudio Sanchez

“Why are so many low-income and minority kids getting second-class educations in the U.S.? That question is at the center of the heated debate about teacher tenure. In New York today, a group of parents and advocates, led by former CNN and NBC anchor Campbell Brown, filed a suit challenging state laws that govern when teachers can be given tenure and how they can be fired once they have it.” (more)

Summer camp disparities widen achievement gap

The Mercury News – Sharon Noguchi

“The stark contrast between the summer activities of the Bay Area’s have and have-not children not only highlights ethnic and class differences but also distinguishes who is likely to succeed — and who may struggle in school and later in life.” (more)

The School-To-Prison Pipeline Can Start Even Before Kindergarten, Mother Points Out

The Huffington Post – Rebecca Klein

“In the essay, black mother Tunette Powell wrote that her two preschool-aged sons have been suspended from schools a total of eight times, and she wonders if these suspensions might be the result of unintentional biases against black students.” (more)